The Real Story…

What really happened over 2000 years ago

When people celebrated their first Seder?

Not many people know the exact story,

But from what we have been told

It’s one of bliss, slavery, and finally triumph

There’s is a story that is not unlike our own

Here in today’s America, it’s pretty similar.

Much of today’s wealth is in the hands of few

Many people now work like slaves just to eat

And they have been talking about exhiling  

Or should I say, deporting a whole race.

But there is something to learn here.

The Hebrew people of old found triumph

By doing this one thing. 

It helped them escape from Egypt

It helped them as they were wandering 

The desert for 40 years trying to find a home

And it even helped them as they crossed

The Red Sea. 

What is this one thing?

Well it most certainly wasn’t directions!

What these Jews had was something more

It was actually better than directions,

It was that they had DIRECTION.

They felt it to be their right to be free

10 reinforcements to that belief

In the form of plagues and afflictions

To the Egyptian non Jews helped to

Mentally prepare them for the wild

Journey they were destined to undertake.

You may have found yourself lost or feeling

Like you can’t do enough to feel happy

You might even do something about it.

Look up a few things, maybe get some

Directions to see how other people

Made it”

It’s not about how other people do/did it.

It’s about believing you can do it and then

Finding reasons to prove you are right.

Rather than sucking your thumb blaming

Your current situation on everything and

Everyone around you.

Hey, you deserve success.

You’ve been searching for ways to do it

For awhile, but the fact that you are

Are actually searching shows that you are

Ready to take the next steps already.

You just have to believe you’re right.

Jerry “belief + faith + luck=success” Washington

P.S. All success takes a certain amount of luck.

But you know what? I don’t believe in luck.

Yeah I said it! It’s my website so I can say what

I want. So listen up…

Here’s my view on luck. I think it’s a force of

Subconscious that we have yet to have the tools

To study efficiently enough. I believe that we

Will soon find out that luck is something that

We didn’t understand, but occurs due to our

Ability to control more than we think in our


But I’ve been wrong before.

I mean I have no real proof, but I do believe

You work with God everyday. Not in that

Skydaddy, pray to ask for allowances way.

But in a way that we are all a part of the

Same thing…Source or God as many

Would call it.

P.P.S I try not to get to deep into this here

But if you’d like to further discuss how

You can connect your success to spirituality

But not be into all that fru fru mumbo jumbo

Then I would invite you to consider

Joining the conversation with a few spirituality

Enlighten folks. Just click the link to join my

Private Facebook group Project SELFFY.

Talk soon…

Delusional Mess

So you missed me yesterday.

I was driving down to Georgia

Because I had some emergency 

Family business to attend to.


We’re still gonna have to wait

To see what happens, but in the

Meantime, I’m just happen to have

The opportunity and the freedom

To get down here as fast as I could.


Now you might be asking, now

Why would I drive if I was in such 

A rush to get down here? 

Don’t I have like a rainy day fund?


Well yes of course, but the thing is

That I actually would rather drive

And I’ll tell you why.


It all happened about 2 years ago

I was flying off to see my family in

Rhode Island and I was actually 

On time for the flight.


It was actually kinda nice to not

Be rushing to the gate and having the

Opportunity to grab a slice of pizza 

Before I boarded the flight. 

We were all set to depart 

And there was this commotion  

Coming from behind me

This guy like 4 seats behind me

Was saying to the stewardess that

It didn’t fit. 


I turned around to see this (at least)

400 pound guy that barely fit into 2

Seats, trying to get a seatbelt on.

He and the stewardess were wrestling

With his seatbelt and trying to get it

Around his humongous waistline.  


“It doesn’t fit,” he grunted again

Just then, the stewardess rushes up

To the front of the plane and after

A few minutes, we hear the pilot…


One of the smoothest voices 

I’ve ever heard before, comes over

The loud speaker and says

We’re sorry folks, but we’re

Experiencing some delays with

Our departure.


Apparently, this guy needed what

Was called a seat belt extender

But this guy was so delusional that

He blamed it on the airlines and

Said they need bigger seats.


I’m not one to always judge (just sometimes)

But this guy was mad

It probably had something to do with the

Collective sign of everyone on the plane

But he kept yelling towards the cockpit

How he shouldn’t have to wear a seat belt

Anyway, because what’s that gonna do

If we crash? Good point, but we still

Had to wait.


Delusion can be put people in some

Interesting positions sometimes.

But we all NEED a certain level of it.


I think back to when I first started

Training on my own. I was still new

To the training industry so I was

Really nervous and also hopeful

But my first session was TERRIBLE

I mean it was my friends and I

Still messed up…a LOT. I forgot the

Names of exercises. I couldn’t count

One person even got hurt.
Thank goodness we were friends!


When I got home, my girlfriend

At the time asked me how it went.

I flashed her the biggest smile and

Told her it went amazing.

Because in my mind it did.


I mean I could have focused on all the

Terrible things that happened, but

I chose not to engage those thoughts

Because they did not serve me.


In life, you might find that there are

Times when you have to be just

A little delusional. You have to

Tell yourself that you can when it’s

Clear that you can’t.


You might not be successful at first

But you eventually, at least won’t

Be terrible.


Jerry “not terrible” Washington


P.S. That plane was delayed over

An hour while they looked for

Seat belt extenders. Knowing that

Over half of our country’s population

Is either overweight or obese, I’d

Rather just take my chances driving.

Talk soon…

CrossFit Kills


Oh boy do I have one for you today.

This one ain’t for the faint of heart, so mom…

You should probably stop reading now.


Ok, is she gone??




Fuck! I hurt!


Just kidding. Actually I feel pretty good (shout out to my chiro Dr. Roberts), but what hurts is my ego.

I did a crossfit workout with some women who were at the least

15 years older than me and I was throughly



Ok, ok, ok…


Those of you who know me, have known me to say that CrossFit sucks

That it has little to no value and that it is an abomination to training.


Well, Sherlock Bromes, I change my mind.

I’m allowed to do that, I’m human right?


Anyhoo, as I was saying, I did an actual all out CrossFit workout

For the first time the other day.

I admit, I walked in there with those ladies and said to myself

“Ok, try not to look toooo good”

But man, let me tell ya. I was eating some serious crow after the first half hour.


I started with the warm-up which I knew would be easy, then we went on to

A conditioning part, which I had later found out was NOT the actual workout

But an extension of the warm-up so to speak.


At the end of the day I ended up cursing more times than I would like to admit

Throwing my hat on the ground

And laying face up in a pool of my own sweat with my body bouncing off the ground

Because my ass muscles wouldn’t stop twitching.


It was at that moment that I realized that I was being the biggest wuss on earth.


You see, life is all about challenges.

If you go through life without challenges, you simply are not living my friend.

You want challenges

You need challenges to grow and become more than what you are now.


But too often, we run from challenges

Hiding out and sedating with television and booze.

The challenges still awaiting, but nevertheless you ignore them.


I get it, because I’ve been there.

I ran from the challenge of CrossFit

I was comfortable with what I already knew with boot camps and TRX.

CrossFit is really just another variation of what I already do, however it’s different.


It offers you the added intensity of time.

And when done correctly, it can be a life changing experience.


Kinda like in your everyday life.


When you accept challenges, before you even take action

A biological change happens within your body.


You literally begin to adapt to the change that your mind is preparing you for.

It’s like you have a psychic body (great title for an email)


So if you want to start getting your “psychic body” prepared for your next step in life

Then discover the power to accept challenges and get your mind and body

On the same page to get past any obstacle (sometimes even in a pool of sweat)



Jerry “I’m going back” Washington


P.S. Yes, I will be going back for more. I always love challenges, especially when I can see how they can benefit me. I see a lot of people however, that sometimes go through challenges that they didn’t need to experience. It’s sometimes frustrating for both me and my clients to see them experience downfalls that they could have prevented. If you’d like to join the conversation, check out my private Facebook group here: Project SELFFY  till then…