What Makes You Happy?

Everyone is listening to someone these days. Don’t get me wrong, mentors, coaches, and counselors can help, but most people aren’t getting their advice from those people. They’re getting advice from people that are just as stuck as they are. For example:…

People Fight

Let’s Go To WAR (Kinda)

Think about it, it’s impossible to know everything, so you need people around you that see the world differently than you. 

There’s something I’d like you to consider today. Consider who you are being influenced by and who is giving you feedback? 

You have the power to choose. But don’t choose to do it on your own. Consider choosing to go with honesty, integrity, and tact.

Ain’t Got Time For That

“I just wanna get faster…”

I remember saying that to my mom God knows how many times. It was the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school and I just decided that I liked to run fast and win races. I was pretty good at it too. Only one problem though…

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