Lies, Lies, Lies!

So this week has been a wild one.

I’ve had a lot of fun with a lot of

Friends and family and even got

A little closer to a few key milestones

That I set for myself this year.


But I’ve also had a huge set back

Grandma bear is not doing well

And it’s looking like we are 

Nearing the end of her winter years

And we will have to soon

Have to say goodbye.


But that’s not what I wanted to 

Talk about today. In interest of

Trying to stay on topic

I want us to keep running with

This theory of the mind that

We’ve had this week.


Yesterday, I told you about how

I (kinda) remembered how my

Bike got stolen out of my car.

You see memory is a funny thing.

It’s a well known fact in the 

Scientific community that 

Your memory changes every time you

Recall something from your past.


The explanation for why that happens

Is a little too complex to explain today

But let’s just say that emotions play

A huge part in what we remember about

Our past and what potential we believe

Is possible for our future. 


So the question remains…


Is our brain lying to us?


Well in a word yes, but for very good reason

In fact, it’s happening all the time, but what’s

Important is to find that balance of

Biology and objectivism that will help you

To develop your knowledge, creativity, and focus

That leads to the good life.


If you think about it, it’s kinduvamazing

That our brain can perform so many functions

And fast to boot.


I don’t remember exactly how many it is,

Something like 144,000 gigabytes of info

A second or some astronomical number

But either way it’s nothing short of

Phenomenal how we can do so much

With that wrinkled gooey mess.


Because there is so much we have to process

Our mind sometimes plays tricks on us and

Tells us stories. We begin to believe that

Those stories are true and then that story

Gets replayed over and over in our head.

I’ve been a victim of that myself.


But I recently found that you can simply

Change your story by changing your focus.


You see broham, I had been making the mistake

Of focusing on the wrong thing, according to

Mindfulness guru Shauna Shapiro.

I like, most people think about things I

Want to fix in my life, things that made me

Feel shame and anxiety.


During a recent meditation session what

She said suddenly just clicked with me.

By focusing on those things that made me

Feel shame I was growing my shame and

Anxiety in general.


It took me a while to get this, but I finally

Realized that when you focus your attention

With kindness and with complete compassion

You begin to feel the release of anxiety and shame

And those things you wanted to fix

Become rather things that need your love and kind



So what are you ashamed of?

What lies are you telling yourself?


The biggest lie that many people tell themselves

Is that they are okay when they are clearly not.

I would have you consider that what you practice

Is what you strengthen.


Practice compassion and kindness

And watch as it develops first within you

And evolves to affect every aspect of life.


Jerry “practicing” Washington


P.S. I’ve started a group that practices this same

Compassion and kind attention that has

Been helping people live the good life through

Understanding and awareness of their thoughts

If you would like to see how that works, click

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Project SELFFY. Talk soon…

Seriously?…You Can’t Do ANYTHING?!

Hey did I ever tell you about that time I got 

My bike stolen?

It was the same day that my back window

Got smashed in.

How do I remember?

Because the person that stole my bike

Had to smash my car window to get

To my bike that was in the car.



NE hoo, it’s kinduva crazy story

It was when I worked at a middle

School in the not so nice part of town.

I think Will Smith would have had 

His hands full with the type of people

That made trouble in these neighborhoods


So one day I go out at lunchtime

To find my trunk open and my bike missing.

As I went to close the trunk, I hear a

Crunching sound and see pieces

Of my back window fall onto the trunk


Through my now 1/4 convertible

I could see that there was a huge rock

That had apparently went through my

Window, bounced off my radio and

Fell onto the passenger side floor mat.

‘Nother bummer…


So now I’m a grown man stalking campus 

Asking other grown men if they’ve seen

My bicycle. 

I couldn’t have felt more low until I 

In fact, found another grown-up who

Had seen my bicycle and saw when

Someone took it.


Oh hellz yeah! 

I was ready to rampage!!

What did he look like? Let’s catch him

Then use him as the support beam 

For a bike ramp.


“It was a kid,” he said

And my heart immediately sank…


But he said he saw it all on camera

Because he was the security guard.

Part of me was excited, but another

Part of me kinda wondered like

WTF is he getting paid for if he 

Literally saw someone break into

My car and decided that it would

Be better to wait to tell the person

That he saw what happened 

Rather than you know…

Maybe doing something?!?!


So anyway, we call the cops

Cuz you know we got 

Security cameras so at least

We know who did it.



So now the police are there

And they’ve come out of their

Cars to ask for a statement from

The security guard (main witness)

They go back with him to look at

The video tape and come back out

About 5 minutes later with empty

Notepads and pens in pockets


They start walking towards me and

Without missing a beat, ask me if

I’d like to even file a report because

Chances are they wouldn’t even

Find the kid who did it.


Of course not with that attitude!

I thought to myself…

But what I actually said was,

Didn’t you find anything on the video?

They turn and say that they couldn’t

Really do anything because the quality

Of the video was too low. They couldn’t

Make out a face.


Great, so security thinks they’re

Watching reality television on a really low

Quality screen all day.

The police have no confidence that they

Can solve crimes and the only redeeming

Quality about the whole situation is that

I know it was a human being.


Awesome! At least we now know it’s not

Some pissed off hawk that had had

Enough of humans and was going on a

Crime spree.


I don’t know where I am really going

From here, I just thought it was a funny


The police never found my bike, nor did

We ever get to find out who broke my window

Although it was clearly a kid from the school.


There is one thing that is true however,

This is a story, it most likely didn’t happen

Exactly this way, because I’m relying on

My memory.


This one got away from me, but let me

Share something with you.

Memory is a fickle thing, you can believe

In it, but it doesn’t mean it will always

Serve you well. I meant to tell a story

About a famous study about memory

But I’ll just leave you with this instead:


Your mind makes up stories that help

Your memory fit the context of your

Current state of mind. Memory is

Rarely 100% accurate, but what

Matters most is that your memories

Accurate or not, should help

Serve you in making decisions in

The future that will help you to

Create more positive memories.


Jerry “memories” Washington


P.S. What side did the rock fall on

In my car? Don’t remember? It’s

Probably because your mind didn’t

Find it to be an important detail.

I would like you to consider that

Our memory isn’t perfect and neither

Is anyone on this planet.

We all want to improve however and

Although our memory supposedly gets

Worse when you get older, you can

Actually improve your life overall

With help from your friends at

Project SELFFY. Talk soon…