Life Just “Lifing”

Good life

I was sitting down talking to some of my buddies a couple of days ago. We were hanging out in my new studio after doing some “remodeling.” We spent the night talking about everything in life. It is interesting to me because most of my buddies are immigrants or children of immigrants just like me.

Personally, I kinda feel like a double immigrant, because my mom’s from Jamaica and I went to school in Alaska. It’s kinda of like a different country up there.  For me as just a normal dude from Alaska, being an entrepreneur in the city of Philadelphia is kinda mind blowing.

I know a lot of people can relate to my story. In fact, I’m almost positive because you are reading this, that you’ve probably done the following yourself. I tried a lot of different jobs, but I always felt like I just wasn’t getting what I needed in terms of fulfillment.  I just couldn’t figure it out, but what I kept thinking to myself is that I need to make more money.

It Was Not About The Money

Everyone has their thing that they believe will make them eternally happy.  For some, it’s fame, some money, others time. Depending on who you are, the value you place on each is variable. For me it was money. I would say to myself. As soon as I have more money I’ll be happy.

That all changed when I started training people that had the millions I was looking for. These people had it all (or at least all I’d be happy with) and they somehow were still unhappy. Some of them complained about how much they have to work, how little they’d see their kids, or even the health of a family member.

It was then I realized that it was never about the money. It’s actually all about balance.

One thing I want to caution you about. Balance is different for everyone. So if you find someone telling you exactly how much of anything you should have in your life, reconsider their advice. There is never any good in being too extreme in your practices. Then you aren’t living an authentic life.

It’s so complicated, but yet so simple. I’ve heard over the years how people search far and wide for the meaning of life and they find it when they come back home to self-discovery. I have to admit that I didn’t follow that belief at first, but the further I explore on this journey, the more I realize that it involves a lot of playful discovery.

I’d like you to consider this before we part ways today. Whatever you believe you need to be happy is wrong. There is nothing outside of yourself that can make you happy. It is when you understand that life simply happens that you find genuine enjoyment in that each experience that comes. Life will “life” with or without your approval, so it’s just better to approve, appreciate, and move on.


Jerry “living it up” Washington

P.S.  Once you stop expecting and simply start being open the world changes drastically. At least that’s what it did for me. I realized that when you have money it doesn’t really change you. It just exposes you and if you’re aren’t happy, it just amplifies it. I’ve Seen it hundreds of times and I’m seeing it in myself as well as I begin to become more aware. Something that you might want to think about for yourself as well. If you’d like to chat about it and how you can stop worrying and start winning, just email me here and I’ll do my best to get back to you soon. Talk soon…

Fear = Dishonor

Fear is a mountain

There are so many things out there that we don’t understand. I for one, could not figure out how to use Google analytics for the life of me. So yesterday I sat down, determined to figure out what in the world I could do to understand all those numbers and abbreviations. And what it added up to was fear…

Let me fill you in on what I mean. After about an hour, I came across something amazing. I found that I had quite a few people going to my site, but I was quickly disappointed when I went followed the links to where they went.

You see, I came across four (4) blogs around the world that were pretty much using this blog for fodder. They would read what I wrote, put my words down and then throw their own spin on it.

The thing is, I’m not upset that when people copy. In fact, I’m honored, the problem is that these people didn’t even approach me. And it’s not really even that, the real issue is why…

You see the reason WHY I write these DAILY blogs is to reach out to people. I want us to discuss issues that affect us all. I am reaching out because I would like to start a conversation about these subjects. It’s not for you to read and then go on about your way.

So lurkers. plagiarists, and all you first time visitors, listen up! I’m not mad, (it takes a lot more than that) but I want you to consider something. The only reason why we dishonor ourselves or anyone else is not because we are bad people set on sucking whatever value possible from whomever. No it’s not because we are bad, but it’s because of fear.

Fear of putting your OWN voice out there.

Of what people will think

That you just might not be good enough

But honestly, broham the longer you project something you’re not the longer you will live in fear. So if you truly want to make a difference in the world with your words and your thoughts, make sure that they are genuinely your own.


Jerry “reaching out” Washington


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Excuse Me, Do You Have Time?

NO, OF COURSE YOU DON’T!!! But wouldn’t it be nice if whenever someone asked you if you had time, you could just physically give them something and be on your way to doing something more interesting?

Time passes as discreetly as a fart in an elevator. And for the most part, people deal with it the same way, just grimace and try to ignore it’s existence until it’s gone. So with time in such high demand and so many things/people vying for our attention, what is the most effective use of time?

That’s the age old question brozilla. Almost as old as the question of the reason for our existence. Well, I can answer both of those for you right here in this 2 minute blog. (Glad you clicked on this one today huh?)

The way to capitalize on your time AND find the meaning for your existence is to…


Throughout history, the people that felt the most fulfilled with their lives, took the present world and their conditions and created the world in their own image. They did it by jumping into an experience they could learn from and consistently executing a plan.

Now for you, it doesn’t have to be a personal experience, you can read or watch it through others. But just as long as you are learning something, then it’s worth your time.

The problem, however, is FEAR 

I see so many people scared to make any changes because they are afraid of what people with think of them, or they fool themselves into thinking they are fine where they are. And I get it, I was there, but I found that the way to happiness is not by grinding it out everyday and wasting time. That’s the hard way…no, there’s one simple question you should think to ask…

It took me from spinning my wheels to show people how much I was grinding (suffering) to living a life where I spend more time with everyone, while being more effective in doing what I love to help inspire people. That question?

What’s the truth?

It saves so much time with me telling myself stories about how I can’t do this, or I can’t do that. And I know it can help you too.

I encourage you to keep searching for your truth it’s the only thing that will truly set you free.

Jerry “time keeper” Washington


P.S. I am in the preliminary stages of creating an online book based on some of the work I’ve done with my coaching program Project SELFFY if you’re interested in learning more about how you can always be motivated so you don’t procrastinate and waste time making up excuses, click here to contact me directly so we can have a conversation or leave a comment below. Talk soon…