ACME Dynamite Never Works

Every once in awhile (less often than I would like to admit), I like to analyze what I’m doing. You know, take a quick check to see if what I’m doing in my business is working.

You really get an ego check in trying to run a successful business because on one end, you want to GSD (Get Shit Done) but at the same time, you want to make sure that what you are getting done is the right “S”

You see broham, I have dreams and aspirations just like you. My goal is to be running a million dollar business by next October.

Yeah that’s 6 zeros buddy.

2 years ago I wrote a check to myself for a million dollars and I put it up on my door so I know that’s what I’m working for every time I step out the door.

Since then, the stakes have gone up because of the birth of my son and I hate to admit that right now I’d have to move the decimal point a few places to get close to that.

In a way I’m worried, because I still make mistakes that are easily preventable and I keep having to start over on a few projects I’m working on for the winter and spring.

But on the same end, I’m confident, because unlike 2 years ago, when I used to just throw stuff up on social media and around town, I now use my time and resources to
Get feedback on my efforts, by collecting data from ads and emails (like this one you’re reading now). To see whats working instead of wasting

TIME waiting and HOPING FOR a good result.

It’s the same as fitness dude. I see people always latching on to the latest fad or the newest gimmick. Weighted hula hoops, Herbalife, CrossFit…the list goes on.

But the number one thing they are all lacking is personal accountability.

You see care bear, the $1,000,000 question is how do you get to your goal if you’re trying everything and not really doing anything.

It’s like when Wild E. Coyote would get all those road runner traps and spend so long setting them up only for them not to work and get painfully injured in the execution.

You see that road runner is our elusive goal and the only way we can catch it, is not with fancier traps, but with better execution.

The General Fitness Company, is the ultimate road runner catcher. I make goals easier to catch and then help you in plotting on bigger and tastier ones.

Don’t spend any more time or money on these diet traps or quick fixes. The only quick fix is to realize that those don’t work.

Ready to stop chasing those goals and actually catch them for once?

Start here:

Jerry “Meep, Meep” Washington

P.S. Road runner cartoons were actually my favorite. Watch this one where the roadrunner actually got caught:

P.P.S. Here’s the unedited (Seth McFarlane) version:

Standing On The Corner…

I’ll make this short and sweet.


In the fitness industry there are only 2 things that separate the worst from the best and one of them I just mentioned and the other is the reason I write these emails, marketing.

You see on my weekly seminar trip, I’ve rekindled my curiosity and I can feel that I’ve taken a new perspective on life.

It reminds me of a story that I heard on one of my trips. It’s of a man and his son.

The young boy asks his father if he can go out to play.

The father says sure just don’t go past the corner.

The father goes out to check on the son and he sees him at the corner. He calls him in and sends him to his room.

Later the boy asks why he was called in and sent to his room. He wasn’t doing anything, he said, except for maybe toss a few rocks across the street.

The father told him that he was grounded because he was on the corner.

The boy responded: “What’s a corner?”

Now right there the man shifted his perspective to see that his son was not disobeying him on purpose, but it was simply a misunderstanding.

Misunderstandings can easily be avoided by taking the time to understand before we try to be understood.

And that’s why I’m having the boot campers help, because I want them to make sure they understand.

I also want to understand.

I want to understand what it is to be a boot camper in my program.

So that I can be better understood as an instructor as well as a person that’s been through the paces along side these awesome people.

The lesson?

Seek first to understand then you will find it much easier to be understood.


Understand more about how to win at life here:

Jerry “not on the corner” Washington

P.S. I feel a boot camp email coming on. Stay tuned for a little wisdom on a question I’ve been getting for the past few years…