Why Do Happy People Live Longer?

In a word?  Oxytocin

It controls happiness, inhibits addiction and

Boosts your immune system.


But let’s back up for a sec.

What is this Oxytocin and how can you

Make it in your basement? HA!

Well for starters, they don’t really have

An effective over the counter.


Oxytocin is a chemical made up by

The grey goo between your ears and

It only pops up when you, my friend

Are doing something that you identify

As fulfilling.




Yeah, believe me, if you could get a legit

Version of this stuff you could probably be

The biggest drug dealer, ehem…pharmacist

In the world.


The problem is, that many people mistaken

It with a chemical called dopamine.

Dopamine is released often times when we’re

In some sort of pain.


Like when you go for a long run or when

You exercise and you feel good afterward.

You are actually breaking your body down, but

To compensate, your brain releases dopamine

So you can feel better.


So what’s the big deal?

Why is it bad to confuse dopamine with oxytocin?

Well there are quite a few reasons, one is that

You don’t have to work very hard to get dopamine.

Just go for a run, lift some weights, maybe even

Drink a beer or two


But there is one very important reason why

You should consider trying to get your brain

Hooked on oxytocin, besides of course

The obvious living longer part…


Imma make this simple because it took me

Years to understand this, but in short

Dopamine is a “you” hormone and

Oxytocin is a “we” hormone.

What do I mean?


Well, simple. As I said before it’s

Pretty easy to get dopamine.

But to get oxytocin, you have to give.


The best way to have your gray matter

Start producing the chemical informally

Known as the “love hormone” is do the

Things that start relationships.


When you give, you take the first step

To communicating to someone that

Yes, you are open to giving and receiving.


You will find that the very act of giving

Creates a feel good cycle. As that cycle continues

Your oxytocin levels increase while your reliance

On dopamine goes down faster than

A hooker in Amsterdam.


There is much more to this of course

And I would like to discuss this more

With you, but I’m outta time.


So what you can do is join the conversation

Me and a few friends started where we’re

Talking about even more ways you can create

Real lasting happiness in your life.

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Facebook group Project SELFFY


Jerry “happy to help” Washington


P.S. Another strike against dopamine is the after effects.

You can’t live on dopamine. To create it, your body draws

From your immune system and growth system.

Eventually, that get’s used up and you get sick.


Oh and I forgot, Cortisol, another hormone

Is present as well during times of stress

When your dopamine drops it’s still there so

Stresses hating your job, become like a poison drip

And will eventually kill you. Don’t let stress kill you.

Let’s talk about how we can help you live longer

Click here. Talk soon…

Did He Die For Aliens Too???

I’ve been meditating pretty consistently for about a year now.
It’s done wonders for my focus and helps with my ability to 
Maintain my frame when things don’t go exactly as planned.
The other day when I was meditating, this question kept 
Popping up in my mind:
Did Jesus die for the aliens?
You see, in the old story about Jesus’s death

We are to assume that he died for all of humanity.

But then we are left with questions about the followers of
Other religions, dogs, or like said before, aliens.
I know it may sound a little abstract, but  it really boils down 
To one thing, sometimes you simply don’t know what you don’t know.
But think about it, in 200 years, what will we say about
The times that we live in now?
Will we say our way of thinking was barbaric? 
I want to invite you to a new way of thinking
A way that leads you away from the belief that we
Should all do as we’re told and to believe what they say.
Sure, “they” aren’t all bad, they got us this far right?
But as Einstein once said, 
“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”
A new way of thinking is the only way we as individuals
And as collective humanity have managed to surpass the apes.
It’s simple, but it’s not always easy to make a change
So I’ve started a private Facebook group where likeminded 
Individuals like yourself can discuss how we can further evolve
Although I doubt I’ll ever stop laughing at farts, I believe that
I can still have an intelligent discussion about how we can all
Start thinking differently. 
If you would like to join that discussion, click below 
Jerry “laughs at farts” Washington
P.S. I tried to have a serious conversation and ended up talking about farts.
Go figure…NE hoo, I would like you to consider what I said about our thinking
200 years ago, it wasn’t that long ago, yet in comparison to concepts now, they 
Seem pretty barbaric. The point is that we will always learn and evolve, but
Unfortunately for some, it takes longer than others, then there are others who
Never evolve at all. The question is, what group are you in? Talk soon…

What’s Green, Whistles, And Hangs On a Wall?

I’ve got a joke for you that I heard the other day
“What’s green, whistles, and hangs on a wall?”
“No idea”
“A Salmon!”
“Salmon aren’t green!”
“So I painted it green.”
“They don’t hang on walls!”
“They do if you nail them up”
“Fish can’t whistle!”
“Yeah, I just put that in so it wouldn’t be too easy.”
This joke had me dying in its simplicity and power to surprise

Almost everyone likes surprises, well
Good one’s at least

But what do you do when something unexpected
Comes up and you’re left to deal with the aftermath
Of a Texas tornado sized problem

Well one thing that many people do is panic
Out of fear of the unknown

But what really is the unknown, but just a bunch of
Shit we just make up in our heads and run through
Enough times that we begin to believe it.

I’m gonna get all Metaphysical on your ass for a second
What is fear, but just a thought, an emotion that really
Doesn’t even exist
Your past?
Virtually irrelevant
Most people can’t even have the same dream twice
(and you have full control over that)
Let alone the fact that now you are a different person
Hopefully armed with insight from previous experiences

Your future?
Hasn’t even happened
So we have no real way of knowing the probability of
The aforementioned (Nice word) unknown

So what can we take away from this little lesson in Quantum Theory?

Fear is really just a really lame excuse for inaction

Think about it care bear
What’s the best way to get rid of your fear?
Face it head on right?
So why are you sitting there
Procrastinating and
Criticizing others
When really all you have to do for yourself


Dude, I get it
You drank the fearless Kool-Aid

That fearless shit that fit pros preach is bullshit!
We’re ALL scared out of damn minds that
Our fears are true,
But trust me once you stop and think about that shit for one second
You’ll see it is virtually impossible to connect the actual truth
With the lies that eventually become fears.

Let the General Fitness Program help you face your fear today

Take the guess work out of your training and make you confident in achieving more
And guess what?
When you get used to conquering fears, you increase your
Fear conquering threshold (Sounds legit right?)
So that normal stress doesn’t affect you the same

Enroll Here:https://generalfitnesscompany.com/

Fun Fact: Did you know that Mike Tyson in his hay day hired a “yes man” just to tell him he
Was awesome all the time?
Yeah he obviously didn’t like bad surprises either.

Jerry “Truth seeker” Washington

P.S. Here’s an interesting surprise that one young lady played on a few guys (and a girl). Warning, don’t click if you are a bit squeamish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcbOog_KE_I

If I offended you in anyway, I hope it woke you up to take action to make a change. It’s for your own good broham. Talk soon…