The Depression Of A Saint


Gonna start this one off with a quick share

I read this about mother Teresa the other day

And it kinda surprised me and made me 

Think twice about my way of thinking. 


You see the saintly woman of Calcutta

The one that helped so many people

Toward the end of her life, all but

Denounced Christianity in her dark

Frequent bouts of depression. 


But what’s that got to do with you?

What does the depression of a saint

Have to do with your happiness?


Well Broseph if you don’t mind turning

Down that technicolor coat 

(you know cuz it’s so loud) 

I’ll explain a little something about 

Feelings to you. 


You see broham, your feelings just about

Control everything about you.

Feeling thirsty?

You’re gonna go find some water

Bored in the bank line?

You’re surfing the internet on your phone


So if you think about it, these feelings

That many consciously try to ignore are

Actually the unconscious result of how 

We interact with our environment. 



Let’s think about this. If a saint like

Mother Teresa can have what would 

Seem like the most fulfilling life ever

And still be depressed, then how the

Hell are the rest of us supposed to even

Hope to even sniff at the chance of 



Easy, control your space

Head space that is…


I would have you consider that one of the

Reasons why mother Teresa felt the way she did

Is although she felt fulfilled by helping people

She may have lacked in other areas.

Now she was obviously a great person and

I’m not one to say what’s right or wrong


At the end of the day we’re not all really looking

For the difference between right and wrong

We learned that in kindergarten. (Or should have)

We’re all want to know

What’s working and what’s not

(Within legal limits)


So what works?


Well, I’ll tell you what’s worked for me.

I’m not 100% fulfilled, I’m still working on me

But I’ve found a path that makes me happy.

So much so that I actually do wake up excited.

I didn’t always do that, so this is what changed:


I realized that you can demonstrate the most power in your life

By allowing people the freedom to have their own experience

^^^^^ Read that again briznit ^^^^^


In other words, I’ve found that helping people is

A great way to make a living, but helping people

That don’t want to be helped is a headache.

So that’s why I write these posts to help

People like you that want to share in their experience

And maybe want to discover some ways that they 

Can live a fulfilled life.


It’s not easy and a truly fulfilled life is hard to measure

But I think someone like you with the curiosity to

Look for actionable tactics and strategies for success

Is a good example of someone fit for our program.


It’s not open to everyone and I’m not charging anyone

I’m just looking to help people like you by starting

With a conversation. If you’d like to chat about how

Me and my team might be able to help you get to the

Next level in your fun, fitness, finances, and, fulfillment

Get to me here.


Jerry “I got your back” Washington


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I’ve Stopped Asking Questions

I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with some younger children recently and one thing that amazes me is  watching them learn. I swear that’s God’s gift to everyone.

One thing that I noticed one day when I talking to one of my associates was that he was saying “I know” to almost every one of my statements.

Um ok bro…

Well the thing is, that he didn’t know.

He had never had the experiences that I had. He never had the experiences you’ve had, he’s never had the experiences Billy Bob Jackson from down the street has for that matter.

What am I talking about here? Well inquisitive Isaac let me take you back.

Think about when you were younger and you would always ask questions

You hoped that with those questions, you could find solutions. The answers you got helped develop a certain belief system.

You following me so far? Alright let’s keep going.

When we get older, we stop asking questions (unless we’re asking Siri or Google if it’s going to rain tomorrow) and start all of a sudden start knowing everything.

I’m a victim of it too, I’ve been known to not ask questions and just go full blast on assumptions.

The problem with this know it all type attitude is that you often shut your mind off to everything else.

You loose your ability to learn because you all of a sudden know everything.

What’s worse, is that it is literally


To succeed in doing much more than you are doing now.

Let’s go back again. This time a little further. Now you’re a baby.

If you are a baby that doesn’t ask questions or have the desire to learn you will never reach out for anything, or later crawl, or walk

And people would think there is something wrong.

So why don’t we continue to ask questions in our adult age?

The answer is simple


You see care bear, as we grow from babies, to young children and into adults, we develop opinions which turn into beliefs about the world around us.

When we stop asking questions we protect ourselves from the pain and discomfort of changing our current state of reality.

This leads to a closed mind and lack of options, because you then wouldn’t be able to consider anything else.

You’re stuck in the reality you created with no creativity or any way to receive input from those who might actually know better or have even been through it themselves.

You then have to learn to live with the pain of your current situation because the fear of the unknown is making you think that the pain of change is going to be worse than the pain you’re in.

I feel like I just made that really complicated…

Let’s try this:

Any revolution first starts with a question. That question will either directly or indirectly lead you to the truth.

And the truth oh sweet Jesus the truth.

That, my friend will set you free.

The pursuit of Life, Liberty and Wellness starts here:

Jerry “truth bombs” Washington