Wanna Get Lucky Tonight?

I was just doing some cleaning up around the house

And I picked up an award from my college conference championship.
I kinda chuckled to myself.
Because I thought about how shortly after running the event
My legs were like flaming yule logs

And flashes of me rolling in the infield trying to untie my shoes

With cramps in every muscle in my body sent a smile to my face.

Thinking back, as I heard the announcer tell the crowd that my
Time was (still is) a conference record and the crowd was lucky
Enough to witness the best performance ever on the track to date.
I thought to myself, lucky them…
You see luck is all a relative term. 
Many people attribute luck to those that have more success than them.
Saying that they had the right environment or were lucky enough to know 
The right people and act at the right time.
While I’m not going to deny that it does play a part
I would have you consider that people
Like Kevin Hart (who just surpassed Jerry Seinfeld in ticket sales)
Or Oprah, or anyone who seems like they just came out of nowhere
Did not just come out of nowhere, but were actually there 
The whole time busting their asses to get where they are today.
It’s not a matter of running through walls till 
Your brains leak through your nostrils
But it certainly is not sitting around thinking that
Everything is going to work out for itself because supposedly
God wants you to struggle through just enough “tests”

So that you receive good blessings.

Luck is about finding ways to learn and

Accepting the fact that you are going to experience pain

But through pain, you will learn the lessons that will help you to

Grow like a seed through the dirt and muck, up into the light. 

Luck shmuck, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in a 
Moldy basement for half a year and with a car that didn’t go in reverse, is that
Nobody is gonna give you anything and when you get “lucky” it’s
Because you have done something in the past that has put you in the situation
To receive that good fortune.
You want to “get lucky?”
Learn how to copy nature and plant seeds that will germinate
Into freaking awesomeness.
It’s easy and I can show you how

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Jerry “Luck Charm” Washington
P.S. As I grow older, I believe less and less in good or bad luck. I’m starting to believe more in the fact that in everything there is a lesson. You can say it’s God trying to teach us something, mother earth, or some other infinite source. It’s not a matter of your belief of who you should pay spiritual responsibility to in order to receive good fortune. It’s a matter of recognizing opportunities to grow and taking them so that you can deserve what you think you should be lucky enough to receive. Talk soon…

Friday Freak ‘Um

Since I started writing this blog
My life has really changed
Now everything that happens
To me is a possible writing/learning/teaching experience
Here’s another that happened to me a few days back:

So I’m training a new client the other day and we’re doing a
Movement that focused on his hips, the only problem
Was the only thing that wasn’t moving on him was…
His hips
I said to him
Dude it’s a wonder you can even tie your shoes with
How little you can move your hips

Just then a million thoughts went into my mind about his
Personal life (yes, I think about yours too and I’m sure you mine)
I’m thinking to myself,
If he always moves his hips like that
I reckon he does not have a lot of women raving about his

Yes, it’s about to go down
Let’s talk about sex bay-bee
(Not you and me)

You see like the average man who thinks about sex
Every 5 minutes (fact)
I have a lot to say about this topic, alas
I won’t go on too long
(That’s what she said)

Ok let’s get a little serious here.
Fitness and sex are damn near synonymous
I remember in Adam Sandler’s hay day
He made a comedy CD that featured a sketch
Of “guess the activity” where he played a tape for people
And they had to guess which activity two people
Were doing and the results were hilarious

I digress, the fitter you are, the better you are gonna look
I mean sex is great, but it loses a bit of appeal when you
Have do it with the lights off and
95 percent of your clothes still on

So you get fit, you have better sex
Then what?

Well broseph, then you start feeling more confident
Then damned near invincible
And when you’re invincible well
Dude the sky’s the limit.

Talking about sex shouldn’t make you uncomfortable cupcake
In fact if it weren’t for sex your ass wouldn’t be here in the first place
So yeah working out can make you happy because you look good
But oh what a world you open up when you stop
Swiping right
And start realizing that putting a legitimate
Living breathing profile out in the real world

Will get you well…

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Jerry “Boung chica bown wow” Washington


P.S. As always if anything I say here makes you uncomfortable. GOOD! I can’t you make things better by telling you want to hear. Speaking of which, here’s that Adam Sandler skit I was talking about. Talk soon…


Inside Game

Life can sometimes be frustrating

Sometimes it seems that life is moving at light speed and

Everything is happening to you at once.


Well let me drop a quick reminder here for you.

Nothing that happens on the outside didn’t first develop on the inside.


You see, what you are experiencing now is just a reflection of your

Previous thoughts, words, actions, and feelings

There are of course the rare occasions when something is beyond our control

Like when if you are struck by lightning or a branch while minding your own.

But for the most part, it’s all you broham.

Take responsibility and own your life today.

Try this for one week and see how your life is almost immediately affected.

Jerry “responsible” Washington

P.S. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “I couldn’t have caused all this”

But it’s true broseph, if you seriously take a look at your life and everything

That has happened in it, you have to be the one in charge, because there have

Been so many opportunities that have come from your efforts. Keep your

Thoughts and actions authentic and the power to create change in your life will

Become more apparent each day. Talk soon…