Experiments In Authenticity

Ha!!! Was just thinking…remember those Zune media players...


I don’t even think you can give those buckets away now.


You ever wonder why great product disappear?


I mean sure they had a few flaws, actually they were one of the better one’s if my memory serves me right…


Regardless…the reason why they are now better hockey pucks than music players is because the company that made them, thought that the people were buying music players, so they set out to make the absolute best music players.


But what people really were buying was a conveniently portable music experience


Welp Mr. Jobs –his friends called him Steve– stepped up and said that his “computer company” would produce this experience (with less song capability to boot) and the rest is iPod history.


So what can we learn from this?


Well I learned that if you really get to the core of what people want in life, be it more music, convenience, or fitness you can really start getting into the heart of what is truly innovative.


It’s hard to be authentic when you are focusing on what you are doing and how well you’re doing it.


It’s not about the failures and successes briznit.


It’s not about the “how” much you love her or “what” you do to make money.


Stay with me broham…


It’s about your purpose. Your very reason for existence on this planet. You were not put on this planet to work 90 hour weeks and be in debt, but still never see your family…


Freedom is what you seek


And It’s not the system.


It’s us that need to change.


Start with “why.” Simon Sinek said it best in his book titled…Start With Why (why, of course).


Why, is not where your complete your journey, but it can shed some light on certain issues that may need a new beginning.


Jerry “changemaker” Washington


P.S. When you’re wrong you’re wrong and sometimes it takes others to point out those mistakes. You gotta drink your medicine sometimes, right?


Anyhoo, I’m fortunate to have a supportive group of people that have helped me get to the point I am in life. I have a feeling that they might be able to help you too.


Project SELFFY is a Facebook group I created that discusses these same issues in life. I’d consider it a pretty good resource (if I do say so myself) Feel free to join the conversation. Talk soon…

This Ish Is Bananas…

Man I’ve seen it all.

I’ve been in the fitness industry a little over 10 YEARS and I’ve seen all sorts of bodily fluids from people (and a bit of a solid from one guy that was going a little too hard)

I’ve heard it all.

From positive encouragement to reverse psychology and everything in between.

The thing that still baffles me is when people come up to me and tell me that they are fat. Or want to lose weight in a few specific areas.

Not because you can’t “spot treat,” but because of their mentality.

You see broseph, the mind is an incredibly powerful thing. You can think of it kind of like a genie.

The brain has, to quote what the late great Robin Williams famously said in Aladdin, “phenomenal cosmic powers in an itty bitty living space.

It’s not even a matter of intelligence it’s just how the brain works.

Let me give you an example.

Say I were to have you think about a blue banana.

Can you picture it?

Ok, great.

Now stop thinking about that blue banana.

I’ll wait…



Still thinking about it huh?

Yeah,  not so easy to just stop thinking.

You have to either replace the thought with another thought, or be doomed to think about blue bananas for the ready of your life.

So you see Banana Republic, negative thoughts have the same effect in your mind and what’s worse, your subconscious will work to make your statements true.

This actually happened to me personally.

Long story short, I got a fitness belt for my gym. You are allowed to give yourself a nickname.

I gave myself the nickname “Fatkid” partially as a motivator and partially because I thought it was ironic and funny.

The crazy thing is, I worked out hard. I mean eyes rolling in the back of the head hard. I did this for about 6 months but never really changed my body composition until I changed one letter and became “Fitkid”

It was amazing how that one little letter completely changed my outcomes.

With my program you can easily master techniques like that one and others that will help you master your own mind and get the body and results that you desire.

All you have to do is think really hard and a link should just pop up.

Blue banana…

nope try again


There it is. The power of positive thinking.

Jerry “Mind magic” Washington

P.s. You ever been baby book shopping?
Just did this weekend. Omg I think they charge by the letter. Here’s a clip from a very funny comedian who shares my opinion: