Authenticity, it’s kinda like one of those

Mythical type words right?

Where like everyone has heard of it

Tried to do it, but only a few succeed in it.


Why? Well that’s exactly it…

It’s because often people are trying so

Hard to figure out how, or what, that

They forget why.


It’s simple, if you know why you’re

Doing something, the how or what

Becomes relatively unimportant

And usually falls into place somewhere

Along the line.


Let’s take television in general.

A successful show starts with why.

Seinfeld, for instance was a show

About quite literally, nothing.

They even said it in their advertising.


Of course if it was actually about

Nothing it would have been a

Blank screen for 30 minutes every

Thursday at 9PM.


On the surface it was about nothing

But it became popular because it

Was a show that gave us a different

Perspective on our own lives.


It wasn’t meant to be a scripted comedy

About ultra successful people or about

A down and out character that just so

Happen to have a beautiful wife and kids

Like every other show at the time. It

Innovated in being the precursor to modern

Reality TV with it’s seemingly non-scripted

Anecdotes and for it’s time, superfluous



So how does a show about nothing apply

To your authenticity?


Well the fact that it was about nothing

Should give you a clue into how powerful

It is to start with a solid sense of why

You are doing something.


They wanted to create a show that was

Different from all the others. They

Weren’t concerned so much with

How much money they made (at first)

They just wanted to make a show that

Was different, but yet still creative.


You can do the same in your life.

You don’t have to do what everyone

Else is doing just because they seem

To be successful.


Maybe you are not supposed to be a

Doctor, or a lawyer. And maybe

Pursuing that will actually make you

Less money and create less happiness

Over your lifetime than if you picked

Something that was more suited for

Your authentic self.


What’s important is to, before you

Undertake any activity or try to

Think about what the results will be

Of your actions; try to first think about

Why you are doing what you are doing.

Money is not a good enough motivator

After awhile to get you out of bed in the

Morning, day after day for a job you hate.

Praise, isn’t enough if you simply hoping

To get more praise for doing something

That feels contrived.


If you are chasing money, or praise you’re

Actually just chasing results. If you are

Looking to inspire and build a framework

In which people can truly see you are

Different and feel compelled to follow

Your lead, you must first start with “WHY”


Jerry “because” Washington


P.S. Sometimes these posts get away from

Me and I apologize for that. It’s just that

I get so passionate about helping others

Stop living that zombie life where they

Are simply going through the motions.

There are many reasons why I personally

Do this, but I would say that for the most

Part it’s because I believe that we have

Been taught the wrong thing for so long

And many don’t even realize that they

Have lost hope in creating a living a life

That is authentic and gives them fulfillment.


If you suspect that may be you, I would

Like you to consider joining the conversation

With me and a few of my friends in my

Private Facebook group Project SELFFY.

There we talk about what drives us and how

We can all make an impact on the world

That feels appropriate and truly make you

Happy. Talk soon…

No Words

I was listening to the radio the other day. (I normally listen to my own music or books on tape) I was amazed at this one story that this guy had told. He said that he was so upset that he had no freedom in his relationship.

Apparently, every time he would “hang with the boys,” when he came back home his girlfriend would grill him incessantly.

He complained that she would ask him every detail of their night, who he hung out with, what their names were, if he met anybody, where exactly they went, and other questions that more or less led to a detailed run down of exactly what happened that night.

He apparently was getting tired of it and wanted to know what the show hosts had for ideas to get her to stop.

Well you probably might have already guessed that there might have been some trust issues there.

You see, what the guy so conveniently forgot to mention is that he had cheated on her recently and she was concerned that he might try to do it again.

Now, here’s lies the issue. He didn’t want to be grilled, didn’t want to say anything minus the fact that he was going out with friends.

You might be saying to yourself, yeah he deserves it. What an idiot right? He should be lucky to even be in the relationship right?

Well let me tell you something Judgy McJudgerson you are probably doing the same thing right now to some extent.

There are no words, no solutions that will instantly fix any situation. He can tell his girlfriend for the next five years about what he did last night, but it won’t make a difference.

My college football coach used to always tell me that you don’t get into football shape in one day if you took the whole summer off to talk about how great you’re gonna be. You have actually have to DO SOMETHING

You see the problem here playa is that you can’t fix problems with excuses.

So what does that mean for you?


You have to put in some effort. It’s only when you realize that no matter what you do, there is no quick fix to any issue.

But until people realize that companies are still going to keep stealing your money claiming to give you the latest fat loss solution that lets you eat whatever you want. Or the latest pill that will make you stronger and more toned without the need to workout.

Don’t get me wrong there are things that help, but like that guy on the radio, the only way to make a real change is to not just talk about it, but consistently be about it.

The General Fitness company thrives on consistency and I have had countless others who have succeeded in:

Ridding themselves of excuses

Having fun while exercising

Being motivated to eat right consistently

Settling for nothing less than their best efforts in improving their lifestyle.

What you do now, directly affects what you do in the future.

Learn the best way to impact your future without words here:

Jerry “mouth closed, eyes open” Washington