“Wood” (Would) People

People often tell me that they want to work up to training with me.

It’s weird, you know?

I mean people will sometimes call me up out of the blue and tell

Me about their life story before they inevitably end the conversation

With something like “…but I’m not ready yet…”


Now I get it, I’m not unreasonable.

Sometimes you think you’re ready, but then you’re not

But we’re talking about perpetually getting ready to get ready here.

Let’s talk about going from thinking about growing

To ACTUALLY growing


Imagine the mighty oak tree for a second

That tree started from an acorn.

Something so small, it could fit in the palm of your hand



It has to start underground.

It pushes through dirt, survives harsh conditions


Yet never complains once about the situation it’s in.

It just simply grows.



If it had time to think about what it could have, I’m sure

We’d see oak houses all over this planet

In fact, I’d be willing to bet that there’s some kind of planet

Out there where the trees live indoors and the people are trees.


IDK, but I’d like to think of myself as like those wood people

Because I believe that trees grow so tall and live so long because

Trees don’t judge each other or criticize themselves, they just grow.


I would like you to consider how much you would grow

If you simply believed it was possible.


If you knew a way that would always take those inner fears and 

Expose them to be the lies that they are as you smash your goals

While continuing to grow like a tree on fertilizer steroids.


There is a way and it’s simple, but not easy.

Like the mighty oak, we must simply decide that we are always 

Ready to grow to the next stage.


 I would like to invite you to contact me if you are ready to grow

I don’t charge anything, I’m just looking to help for right now. 

So if you are looking for a little perspective click here 


Jerry “oak man” Washington


P.S. Got wood? Ha I couldn’t resist. No, but seriously. 

There are a lot of people that talk about how they 

Could have, or should have, or are about to get to the next level

But they unfortunately get stuck (or maybe rooted) because of

Their excuses. Don’t be like those “would” people…ahhh I migh

Be on to something there…grow like a tree not like “would.” That

Could be a t-shirt TBC. 


PP.S.  If you’d like to continue this conversation with others online

Just click on this link for my private Facebook group. Project SELFFY

Talk soon…

Just Do (It)

Remember when you were younger and you weren’t afraid of anything?
What happened to that?
I’ll tell you what happened…
Disappointment, failure, and Mrs. Kravitz from third grade 
Always getting on your case. 
Mrs. Kravitz gave you an “Unsatisfactory” on your report cards
And now you cringe at any and every prospect of failure.
It’s now firmly placed you into a rut in your adulthood and for some reason
That rut has now become comfortable 
It almost seems like any other way would be too difficult or simply not worth it.
Fuck that though. You need to wake up! 
There’s love all around you and there is more help for you out there
Then you could ever dream to imagine…

You see, love is more than just a word.

It’s a force.

Whether you believe it or not, you were born from love.

Love is how you you were created and how you continue to exist.

I would have you consider that the only thing between

You and your goals is more love.

Love for yourself, love for the life that you currently have

And most of all, love for the journey that you’re on.

It’s about YOU accepting yourself and your journey, despite the

Screw ups
Disempowering relationships
and Losses

Believe me broham, we all have them, but the only way to grow is to dream

and just do (it) ← ← ← See what I did there.

Jerry “doing it” Washington

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I’ve worked hard to develop it into a program that meets people where they are

And helps them realize their potential in all aspects of life.

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Take Your Time, But…

I had a surge today
I felt so terrible about yesterday,
That I got the work of two men
Done today
Which technically makes me par
For the course since I didn’t do
Much yesterday

The lesson here is short yet simple.

Take your time but hurry up.

Check it out homie
We aren’t robots,
Well at least I’m not
So that being said, we all
Experience highs and lows in both energy and emotion

Tis normal to sometimes need
Some time to reboot after emotional and or physical highs
And it’s more than ok to let
Yourself rest when you need to

You see care bear, we live
In a society that for some Ungodly reason praises insane
Working hours instead of praising the quality of work put in each day

That’s not me bro and nor should it be you.

Fitness is the same way
You can’t keep hammering away
Thinking that every strike is going to be with the same force (again, we are not robots)
If you need time, take it.

But hurry up…

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Jerry “Jackhammer” Washington