How To Live The Life You Deserve


Live it up they say. (They meaning the epicureans) That was the life they chose to live. It was a life focused mainly on material possessions and the old Drake saying “Y.O.L.O.” It was kind of amazing that they lived as long as they did and so their beliefs have stood throughout time as a shining of example of “not giving a fuck.”

But wait, that can’t be it, because around the same time there were a few characters around that called themselves the stoics. They wouldn’t do anything that pleased them. It was almost as if abstaining was a pleasure to them. They were like buddhist and hindu monks that never partake in any type of pleasure.

Needless to say, these two opposing beliefs existed and coexisted leading to create some of our modern day tenets of religion.

Ok enough with the history lesson, I just needed to provide a little backdrop for this knowledge I’m bout to drop on you about how I discovered the secret to time travel. Time travel?! Really? Ok I just had to get your attention. Not, time travel, but something close…

The Good Life

You see as my boy Tai Lopez says all the time. “Everyone’s looking for the good life, but not everyone gets the good life.”  It’s pretty clear cut, we all know someone who clearly isn’t living up to their potential, but I want to talk about what stops most people from getting there.

The biggest problem that most people face today is that they are living in the future. In today’s fast pace world where we rarely have to wait for anything, we’ve become brainwashed to believe that if we don’t see, hear, or feel anything that it’s not worth our time and people for the most part have been dabblers in finding what makes them happy.

I don’t have time to go into detail, but I do want you pay attention to this next phrase and see if you recognize it.

I’ll be happy when ________

That was my mantra while I hustled and grinded and withheld everything from myself until I went just about crazy sedating with booze, porno, and other things I wouldn’t want mamma bear to know about. Then when I’d get those things, I’d feel so empty and the only way I’d get out of my funk was by planning the next “thing” I wanted to get.

This applies to a lot of people and I’m sure you can even identify a point in your life where you’ve all but given up and you just kept hoping that the future would get better.  Well it doesn’t unless you do this ONE thing….

Protect your confidence at all costs!

How do you do that? Well I’ve run out of time here, but I would love to chat with you about about it. Email me here or leave a comment in the space provided below.

Jerry “stoicurean” Washington

P.S. The reason why I chose that moniker for today is because living the good life is a fine balance of building confidence and building discipline. It’s not easy, but there are a few simple tricks and tips that I’ve learned that have taken me (and will take you if you ask) to the next level in terms of everyday performance and value I feel I’m giving to the world.  You wanna pick up some of what I’m laying down? Just shoot me an email. That simple. Talk soon…


I May Not Have Much…

I unfortunately don’t have much for you today. 🙁 I have been hard at work trying to get this gym ready. I appreciate you checking in, however so I won’t leave you empty-handed…Let’s talk about happiness.

Today I got in my TRX suspension trainers. I was so excited at first I was jumping up and down and yelling about how I wanted to try them out right now! (They’re hanging from my door as we speak) But the thing is that right after I hung them up and did a few exercises, the excitement died down. Like way down.

And that’s what I want you to think about today. All our lives many of us search for the next thing to make you happy, but every time you get it, you’re sadly disappointed that it doesn’t give you the everlasting happiness you thought it would bring.

I don’t about you, but I almost feel worse after I get something that I’ve been chomping at the bit to acquire. Before we part ways today, I want you to consider this. There is a man under a bridge right now that’s happier with less. Of course that’s probably a bit nuanced, but the point’s still valid.

Less is more.

Jerry “…” Washington


P.S. I hate to write like this on the fly, but sometimes it turns out to be my best work. If you’ve been tuning in, leave a comment below and tell me what you think. And answer this question while you’re at it. What is the present that you most remember receiving in your life. As for me, it was a Nintendo in 1989 and I still have most of the games. Talk soon…

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Work With Me 4 Free (Kinda)

It isn’t every day that I reach a milestone, so I kinda wanna celebrate. Nothing really special, it’s just that I’ve been working with my inner circle for two years now and I’ve been writing daily emails for them ever since (subscribe here). I’m pretty excited though so I wanted to spread the love with you.


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I’m gonna keep this positive today, but the way I see it, for every fake news article, for every advertisement that says you “NEED” this or you “HAVE TO HAVE” that, I want to help someone realize that the answer to fulfillment does not lie in those things. In fact, I’ve learned over the past couple of years that there is so much more to life than THINGS.


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Jerry “thanks again” Washington


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