The Truth About “Giving A Damn”

I was reading a book awhile back by Jules Verne called Robar the Conqueror. It was a pretty decent book. I have to admit that I couldn’t really get into it, but I did learn a lesson or two about conquering fears from that book.


You see, in that book you had a “hero” that was admittedly afraid of everything ended up being the bravest. It was the coward that had helped his friends conquer their foes.


The same happens in real life all the time. Sure people like Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and others had demonstrated incredible courage, but it was not without lack of fear. There are many times when they all said that they feared for their lives. (Steve because of natural causes)


But these guys didn’t act in fear. They acted in spite of fear. What they did is fully expressed their fears. They did not try to pretend that it didn’t affect them. They told the world that they were afraid, but because they were strong in their reasoning why they were doing what they were doing, they still persisted and got help along the way.


I want you to consider that today. You’re allowed to be afraid. In fact, you should EMBRACE your fears. Recognize that they are there to let you know that you’re pushing your boundaries and that you’re about to happen upon something great.


Remember like they always say. If it doesn’t scare you, it won’t change you.


Jerry “no fear (ok maybe a little)” Washington


P.S. When you start to move forward in life you will find that you will ALWAYS have help. Think of it like the homeless person on the street. He has to sit on the corner and beg all day so that he can eat for one day. Meanwhile, the celebrity can walk into a restaurant and eat for free. It’s all a matter of where your momentum lies. If you want to join a group that can help you identify your purpose and help you on your journey to success click to join my private Facebook group Project SELFFY. Talk soon…

Fun With A Little Help

Fear, ignorance

Hey I’m back! D’ja miss me? Sorry I skipped a day, I just couldn’t get internet where I was in the Bahamas and right now, who knows where I’ll be by the time this is sent, but I’m on my way back to civilization soon…


I’ve been discussing imagination lately, but many people believe that it’s a crock of shizz. They think imagination is for kids. But I would have you consider that it’s definitely for you if you plan on achieving anything greater than what you are doing right now.


But before I start to go into the benefits of an active imagination, let me first tell you why yours is so terrible (yeah, I said it!)


You see broham, the reason why so many often feel stuck in their current patterns and why no matter how hard you try, you still get the same results is because you don’t have good people around you. I’m not saying that they are BAD per say, let’s just say that they aren’t supportive.


The thing is, that if you want to succeed. If you want to achieve more than you ever have, you either have to

A) Have people around you that have done it before or


B) Have people around that believe you can do it yourself


Many people unfortunately, are privy to neither reality. They simply sit around and hope and dream that an opportunity will come along that will give them their dream





Vacation or



Again, unfortunately that’s not how life works so you have to have some belief that you can achieve greatness under your own power.


So the answer here is very simple. I don’t know if you know this, but people pay me quite a bit of money to inspire and motivate them to be the best versions of themselves.


I’m not perfect however (that’s why I missed a day), but neither are you, so you need help from imperfect people that understand that there are a vast number of obstacles preventing you from advancing toward what I like to call the good life.


So who are these people where can I find them, you ask?


Well they are people like you and they’re all around the country, but it started as a group of my friends just having a conversation about how to live the good life and it’s slowly grown to a small following of people discussing certain ways they believe they and others can grow.


You wanna join in?

Click here to join my private Facebook group Project SELFFY


Jerry “aid and abetting” Washington


P.S. I also have a smaller Philadelphia group that I just started. If you’re in the Philadelphia and you are looking to work with me personally, I would encourage you to join our group. When you join, I will personally contact you so that we can get you started on your journey to greatness right away. Talk soon…