Rabbit Hunting (kinda…)

I was reading the other day (yes I read)
And I came across a cool story
About an opportunist that found not one but two rabbits to hunt

This guy, instead of hunting one
Then the other, tried to get them both at the same time so he could save time and eat faster
Only problem was, once he
Locked on to one, the other would come along, and distract him
So that he would lose focus
And try to chase the other rabbit
Ultimately, this guy went home
Empty handed.

You see broseph, it’s the same
With fitness

Too often you see people get
Caught up trying to follow the
Latest fitness fads or diet programs
Because they believe
They will be more effective
All the while, they’re never really
Getting anywhere.

It can be hard because you just want to get to your goal A.S.A.P and it seems like Something’s new every day and not to mention,
That you’re probably bored with those lame
Ass ellipticals that you call yourself working
Out on.

At the General Fitness Company
We’ll get you results and keep You wanting to come back consistently.

You wouldn’t walk away from something that works would you?

Didn’t think so.

Jerry “be vewy, vewy quiet” Washington

Sleep On It…

Gotta quick lifestyle tip for you today.

I’ve been trying to see what all the hub-bub is all about

With eastern philosophy so I picked up a book a few weekends ago by Lao-Tzu

Called Tao Te Ching

I’ve been reading a lot of philosophical books from the west lately so

I decided to switch it up to see if I could find any nuggets from the east.


And by George I found one.

On like the 10th page, might I add

And it’s a pretty easy one.

You listening?


Ok. Tonight when you go to bed. Spend 5 minutes mapping out your day tomorrow.

Yup, I’ve tried it over the past week or so and it’s really changed the flow of my day.

Some how, everything that I imagine doing, gets done in some way or another.

So if you want your day to look a little more like your dream life.

Dream of it.


I don’t know if I’ve actually been dreaming of it or what or if my subconscious is

Somehow organizing my thoughts while I sleep, but it most certainly works

To make my days go a lot smoother.


Try it out and tell me what you think.


Jerry “dream catcher” Washington


P.S. Speaking of which, I used to live in Alaska, home of the dream catchers. I remember talking to the natives one day and they

Explained to me exactly what it was. And it essentially is the same thing. You think about what you want your day, week, month. to look like

And then you put it above your bed every night while you sleep until you get what you’re looking for. Looks like I’m gonna have to

Tell dad to stop falling asleep in front of the t.v…


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How To Extend Your Life

Ok so there is no real way to tell if you are going to increase your life right?
I mean when you die, you die, so this could be seen as all hypothetical
But, I just read this article in Time (somewhat of a reliable source right?)
That talked about longevity and I had to share.
In the article they interviewed a large group of people who lived past 100
And they found quite a few commonalities….
Ready to learn how to attain immortality?
Here goes:
1. Be outgoing
2. Open yourself up to new experiences
3. Learn how to set and stick to goals without being neurotic about them
4. And last but not least? Laugh. Laugh hard and laugh often

You know what? That’s exactly describes someone that joins the General Fitness Program

Looks like I’m gonna have these folks around

For awhile if they keep it up.
So open yourself up to a new experience by stopping by one of the many fitness
Sessions we have throughout the day.
We hold many of our sessions outdoors (outgoing) and with a group of great people
That laugh and often make me laugh with their funny stories and expressions
So if you want to start our program today, I guarantee that after 90 days if you
Don’t feel a difference in your life (goal setting), then I’ll give you ALL of your
Money back.

You’ve got nothing to lose by joining and everything to lose by waiting and hoping

That you’ll achieve greatness on your own.

I want to see you succeed and I know you can do it if you just commit to yourself

And what you really want to be present in your life.

We really do have a lot of fun in our trainingSee what you’ve been missing from our fitness program here:

Jerry “living every moment” Washington
P.S. I’ve been cleaning my house this weekend because Frankie ate some quinoa
That I dropped on the ground the other day. Apparently the fiber is too much for
His body and I’ve been tethered to a 250 ft. radius around the house to make sure
He does his business outside. My house smells super fresh thanks to all the

Floor cleaners…anyhoo, as I was cleaning I found some cool stuff in part of the house

That I haven’t seen in forever.

Chat with you about it tomorrow.