Do You Trust Me?

Imagine, it’s 30,000 years ago. You hear a stick break in the woods.

“What was that?” You think to yourself as you pause to hear movement around you. You look around and you see nothing, but all of a sudden you hear more sticks and everything around you seems to all of a sudden be alive with motion.

Just then you see something in the distance, it’s definitely bigger than you and it seems to be approaching you slowly…

You squint and begin to make out that it’s a lion and it looks like it’s out for the kill. Luckily you’re more agile and you brought your hunting spear for just such an occasion.

Fast forward to now.

You’re sitting there reading this from your computer, tablet, or phone and you’ve seen a lion maybe once, but it sure didn’t look like it was going to do much to you behind that cage. Yet, for some reason we are still alarmed by those damn sticks in the woods.

The short answer for that is when our ancestors heard sticks in the woods, the ones that acted appropriately (alarmed/alert) survived. Meanwhile, the ones that didn’t act appropriately (think white girl in scary movies) didn’t survive to become anyone’s ancestors.

What I’m getting at here is our minds are still wired like they were 30,000 years ago. We still experience the same emotions, have the same intuitions and cravings, yet we live in a world that is conducive to none of that. We have essentially out revolutionized our evolution.

In other words, we still hear the sticks, but there are no lions.

That is something that we have to take into consideration today as we make our way through this world to find what gives us fulfillment. Even though we live in an advanced world, our brain is still and I hate to say it, basic.

So what I would have you consider is that when you strip away all the bells and whistles from anything you come in contact with nowadays, the most important factor is trust.

Do you trust the person in front of you?

What are you doing to build trust for others in your life?

These two questions I believe, have been lost from society today in lieu of looking and seeming the fanciest.

That’s why I would so humbly ask you to consider who or what you’ve been trying to project to the world and if it accurately represents your true character. If it’s not, I want to show you how.

In my Inner Circle, I tackle these issues that many of us face along with dropping some kickass (if I do say so myself) fitness knowledge to boot. It’s not all about chicken and broccoli anymore folks. I’m trying to change lives here.

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Jerry “Trust Me.” Washington

P.S. I’m serious about helping you. I’m not trying to get rich off of anyone by advertising on my blog or selling programs, I truly just want to help people reach their potential. Do you trust me? I can show you a new world. Leave your comments below. Talk soon…

If Love Is Wrong…

Everyone is in love with themselves for the most part. That’s not a bad thing or a good thing, it’s just a simple fact of life. You are the only one in this world that has 100% of your own DNA.

So wouldn’t it just make sense that you’d want the best for yourself? That you’d want to make sure everything was safe and success was pretty much always guaranteed??

In a word, no.

In two words, not really

In three…ok you get the point…

In a way, it makes sense that you need to be right. I mean it’s fulfilling to solve problems and being right at times can mean the difference between life and death.

But what happens when being right is the difference between experience and inaction?

You see broseph, the thing is that we can’t even command our own fingernails to grow, so with that in mind, how can we be expected to accurately assess every natural and unnatural element that goes into each moment that is our lives.

You can’t it’s impossible, the only thing that you can (and should) have a need to be right about, is yourself. You can never go wrong there.

The world is an abundant place and if you live in this country, there are systems in place that will ensure that you’ll not be starving on the street if you have any kind of smarts and talent. So don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes, grow your knowledge/experience base and notice how easy life becomes.

Side note: When I started to accept that I make mistakes, I started to get more joy out of the fact that I wouldn’t beat myself up if things didn’t turn out the way I liked. It was like the results didn’t matter, just the experience.

Any hoo, all I’m getting at here is that you don’t know what you could be missing by always needing to be right. Sometime you don’t know what kind of fun experiences lie on the other side of being wrong.


Jerry “always right” Washington


P.S. You only know as much as you know. It’s sounds contrived, but think about it for a second. Collectively, 250 years ago, we thought leeches would cure us from ailments and diseases and people swore up and down that was the right thing to do. I’d like you to imagine what convictions you might have now that even 25 years from now you might find completely absurd. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment below. Talk soon…

Excuse Me, Do You Have Time?

NO, OF COURSE YOU DON’T!!! But wouldn’t it be nice if whenever someone asked you if you had time, you could just physically give them something and be on your way to doing something more interesting?

Time passes as discreetly as a fart in an elevator. And for the most part, people deal with it the same way, just grimace and try to ignore it’s existence until it’s gone. So with time in such high demand and so many things/people vying for our attention, what is the most effective use of time?

That’s the age old question brozilla. Almost as old as the question of the reason for our existence. Well, I can answer both of those for you right here in this 2 minute blog. (Glad you clicked on this one today huh?)

The way to capitalize on your time AND find the meaning for your existence is to…


Throughout history, the people that felt the most fulfilled with their lives, took the present world and their conditions and created the world in their own image. They did it by jumping into an experience they could learn from and consistently executing a plan.

Now for you, it doesn’t have to be a personal experience, you can read or watch it through others. But just as long as you are learning something, then it’s worth your time.

The problem, however, is FEAR 

I see so many people scared to make any changes because they are afraid of what people with think of them, or they fool themselves into thinking they are fine where they are. And I get it, I was there, but I found that the way to happiness is not by grinding it out everyday and wasting time. That’s the hard way…no, there’s one simple question you should think to ask…

It took me from spinning my wheels to show people how much I was grinding (suffering) to living a life where I spend more time with everyone, while being more effective in doing what I love to help inspire people. That question?

What’s the truth?

It saves so much time with me telling myself stories about how I can’t do this, or I can’t do that. And I know it can help you too.

I encourage you to keep searching for your truth it’s the only thing that will truly set you free.

Jerry “time keeper” Washington


P.S. I am in the preliminary stages of creating an online book based on some of the work I’ve done with my coaching program Project SELFFY if you’re interested in learning more about how you can always be motivated so you don’t procrastinate and waste time making up excuses, click here to contact me directly so we can have a conversation or leave a comment below. Talk soon…