Listen All Y’all It’s A Sabotage…

What makes people want to take risks like

Eat exotic foods,

Leave a stable job to start a business,

Or even take a trip to a faraway land?


In a word…feelings


Today I’d like to talk to you about how

You can use your emotions and feelings to

Intuitively create the good life without

Overthinking every single decision.


Ok so first, let me tell you there are 

An infinite number of decisions that

You can make, but only 2 ways to get there…

Through rational thought

Or irrational thought.


I’m sure you can imagine that the most 

Exciting times in anyone’s life are lived outside

The realm of rational thinking. 

But I’m not proposing that you go out and do

Whatever comes to mind, 

However, I would like you to consider

What irrationality can do for your life.


Imagine your boss walks in and asks you to

Work harder at being a better employee

Or else you’re fired tomorrow, then walks off…


You’d probably not even know what

To do or where to start.

Maybe you’d take a look at the company’s

List of values like

Loyalty, hope, innovation, or cooperation.


The only problem is that those are inactionable

You can’t be innovation or cooperation

It’s not always helpful to think with our

Rational mind


There are four things that we always will have

Will always drive us to our achieve.



Hearts and



There is an art and a science to getting the

Results you want and it starts with trusting

Your instincts.


There is a reason why people say something

Feels right and it’s along the same lines

As why leaders try to win our hearts and minds

Rather than our minds and hearts.


Our rational part of our brain controls speech

But it’s our irrational subconscious that really

Is in tune with our true selves.



Your gut is talking to you and telling you what

To do everyday. It wants you to listen to your heart

It wants you to feel confident

But most of all, it just wants to be express itself

And unlike the rational mind, it

Unfortunately, can’t do that with words.


So trust yourself, because there is no amount of

Research that is going to get you to make a better

Decision than the one you can make in your



Jerry “I believe in you” Washington



Is Your Belly Getting Too Big?


You could be the greatest athlete alive,

Or the most famous model in history

(ehem…Tom & Gisele) and still not

Be happy with where you are.


Infidelity stories aside, these two are

Considered to be one of the most famous

Non royal couple in history.


Yet if you ask either of them if they’re

Happy with where they are, secretly they’d

Probably said no…


I mean honestly, it’s probably what drives

Them both to be as successful as they are today.

Think about it, you have to have some levels

Of dissatisfaction with where you are to have

The motivation to move forward.


But where does this motivation come from?

I mean if you had it all along, you’d probably

Be a billionaire with rock hard abs and

Your own island in the middle of the Pacific

That you get to by your own hand made boat.



Maybe…But what our brain says and what we do

Are two different things…


So why the disconnect?



Today, I’d like us to discover how motivation is


Helping you get (or not get) what you want in life.


I’m sure you’ve had those flashes of brilliant



So you want to lose a few pounds right?

It can be tough because there are so many things that

Make you feel so good that also make you gain weight.

But the thing is not to focus on what you don’t want

It’s to focus on what you do want.


You see, when we focus on what you don’t want

You are actually telling your brain that you do want that

Conceptually your mind can tell the difference between

“Yes” and “no,” but unfortunately, our 100,000 year old

Brains are not equipped to differentiate between feeling

Good and feeling happy (yes there’s a difference)


There is a ton of science on this and I hope that we can

Chat about this another time one on one or in my

Private Facebook group Project SELFFY, but for now

I’ll leave you with this:


What you believe whether good or bad, is what you

Can and will achieve with action. I’m not saying that

You’re a mindless zombie that can’t make decisions

On your own, but you kinda are.


Controlled by your emotions and mindset, the only

Thing we can really do is step outside of our normal

Way of thinking and be present to what we actually

Desire in our lives.


Be present to be what you want to be.


Jerry “zen” Washington


P.S. If you feel like your thoughts

Are holding you back they probably are.

I would like to invite you to change your mindset

By first realizing that you have absolute control over

How you think, feel, and act.


Leave a comment below about what you are motivated

To do today or in life overall. I would love to read how

You are making a difference in the world. Talk soon…

Control Your Space

How are you feeling today?


There was a time when the majority of the world believed that the stars affected our attitude and that sacrifices to the gods was the only to prevent misfortunes.

Now we (most of us at least) believe that to be a bunch of hooey. Yes, we still ask psychics for a glimpse into our future and yea we still sacrifice, but now it’s money and time instead of people, but the fact still remains that we really have no control over what happens outside of our own bodies.

You see hombre, even though many of us have a pretty good grasp on logic, for some reason there are those that still believe they can control other things outside of our own head. But the unfortunate problem is that many haven’t even mastered their own thinking to have any real sense of control in the first place.

Let me give you an example. You’re walking down the street with a coffee in your hand on your way to an important meeting and someone bumps into you. You spill the coffee all over yourself and then find yourself in even more of a rush because your outfit is ruined. You think to yourself, what a terrible day.

Meanwhile, as you are rushing to either try to clean yourself up or buy a new outfit before you completely miss the meeting, you pass a hospital. Somehow, you see someone who is absolutely in pain, walking slowly, dragging an IV, all while flashing the biggest grin as she goes to greet her family who came to visit her in the hospital.
What a great day.

What’s the difference?

Control my friend.

Not control of the environment, but control over your head space.

This is why so many people are frustrated with goal setting. They become a function of how they feel or what is going on around them.

So general Washington, how do we get out of this vicious cycle of goal setting, failure, and disappointment.

Glad you asked sergeant sugar toes.

Make a plan and stick to it. Don’t be a function of your feelings or circumstance. You can control you and only you.

See the goal everyday in some way. And do something (no matter how small) to achieve it.

That’s exactly what happens with the General Fitness Program.

My program helps you set goals and even gives you tools to achieve them. (Emails like these are one them)

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Not getting the results you desire,

Feeling not in the mood,

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I guarantee after 2 weeks you’ll feel happier than you’ve ever felt while achieving your goals. Especially, because you will actually be achieving them without pills, formulas, meal replacements, or starvation diets.

Just exercise, healthy eating, occasionally cheating, (gotta have fun right?) and the mental tools to help you succeed.

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Jerry “Master of my own destiny” Washington