How To Invest In Everything

If you’re just checking in, I just got back from a wildly extravagant trip to the Bahamas that had me hanging out with celebrities and millionaires. I didn’t expect it, but I had been planning something like this for awhile…


You see briznit, like a farmer, I’ve been tilling the fields working hard to plant seeds of faith and setting up a pond as a reserve just in case the rain doesn’t come as scheduled. In doing that, I had the confidence to take a 2-week vacation that had me in a Lamborghini and two Rolls Royces in Miami and on a luxury yacht in the Bahamas.


Oh no, I didn’t pay for any of these things, in case you were wondering…


The thing that I’m getting at here broham is that whatever you are doing in life, you have to build forgiveness into the land. Warren Buffet was once asked at a shareholders meeting why he kept 20 billion dollars in the bank. It’s not something that an investment company normally does so it’s a legitimate question.


He said that he doesn’t want to bet on the kindness of strangers. And what he meant by that was that he didn’t want to be forced into trying to make a deal with someone simply because he didn’t have the cash on hand to make the deal.


The same goes with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He played for 20 years in the NBA and as a big man (7″2′) he was not expected to spend much time on the court. Turns out he hardly missed a game in his 20 years and played on 6 (!) championship teams simply because he put the extra work in by practicing yoga. And this was during a time (1970-1980 something) when yoga wasn’t even a thing.


It’s all about investing before you need to. Putting in the extra time for things that you know you might need later. It even works for relationships… you can practice acts of kindness by giving to another person. It doesn’t just have to be Valentine’s day or Christmas. There’s no rules to giving…


At the end of the day Michael Brordan, it comes down to this. You get out what you put in. You shouldn’t have to rely on the random acts of strangers to brighten your day because your days should always be bright with your giving to the cause. Having a reserve or a buffer for anytime you might make a mistake is key, because nobody is perfect.


Set yourself up for success by always having reserves for the important things in life like the four pillars of the General Fitness Program Fun, Fitness, Finance, and Fulfillment. To learn more about how you can do this and set yourself up for a life of almost guaranteed success. Click here to contact me directly.


Jerry “had a farm” Washington


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America’s Backbone

I was watching my favorite show, Shark Tank the other day and I was impressed with a story that I saw.

See if you are not familiar with the show, basically the gist is that each guest is supposed to ask these three, sometimes 4 successful panelist to invest s certain amount of money in their new project.

In this particular one, a farmer asks for $150,000 for a for basically what amounts to a plastic covering for trees.

It may not sound fancy, but those covers supposedly were very effective. However, the panelists chose to make fun of the farmer who was trying to sell it.

This is where it gets interesting. A fourth panelist decides to take a chance because he realizes how hard the work is to do be a farmer and also realizes that the product actually had more thought put into it than everyone initially gave him credit for.

See what happened is that everyone took the fact that the farmer had no prior sales experience as a determining factor in whether they were gonna do business together.

Wrong answer.

Dude nobody comes in as a pro. But what I’m willing to bet is that they had an idea of certain indicators that would spell success for them.

Just like how I can tell with about 99% accuracy who’s going to be successful in my program.

Often times, they are the one’s that make a commitment to be there despite what the forecast says (commitment)

They follow the advice I give to them not only during our sessions but throughout the remainder of the 92% of the day that I do not directly influence (determination)

They are generally concerned with their health and will pay for better quality over a quantity of garbage (Sensibility)

Most importantly, like this farmer, they know how to be a success elsewhere.

Do you have potential in our program?

I hate to break it to you chico, but I’ve been at this a long time. And I have not seen anyone last more than a month that didn’t possess those above traits.

So hey not everyone is destined to achieve greatness.

Hell some of you won’t even make it this far in the email.

But for those of you that have, you are probably one of the few that would succeed in my program therefore I need you to click here:

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Jerry “farmer” Washington

P.S.  here’s a clip from that episode I was talking about