Happiness Formula


Oooohhh…I’m getting chills thinking about

This month because I have never had

It go down (or up) like this

This month isn’t even half way over and it’s

Already been filled with quite a few life changing

Events for more than a few people

(Rip Charlie Murphy…)


The first day of April I was in a

Georgia hospital waiting as granny bear 

Struggled to get back what little 

Strength she had before suffering her 

Second stroke in as many weeks.


It was tough to see that, I admit, but 

I felt so much love in the room as

I held her hand and then proceeded to…


Arm wrestler her good arm*


Anyway, fast forward a few weeks

I have a client that invites me over

To my first Seder in almost a decade

The food, was delicious and it was good

To spend some time with loving people

Today was the icing on the cake however.


After talking about how much of a good time

I had at the Seder, another client offered

To have me join them on a vacation trip.

(Of course I’m going!)


It all seems so real like it’s everyday life

But I can’t really say this generosity is

Something that I experience everyday.

You know, there’s is definitely something

That we can take from this and it’s probably

Not what you think…


Yeah, Imma keep going for a sec so stay with me


You see, nothing in life is free. Nothing!

Whenever you spend resources, be they money

Or time, or something of similar value


You end up either investing in yourself or

Investing in something or someone else.


Nothing in this world is ever wasted.

Simply repurposed.


Now, I’m not gonna say the following can

Be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt

But I want you to honestly think about it

For yourself before you answer.


Could it be that the good you do in the world

Comes back with the intention that you put into it?


What am I saying? Well let’s break it down…


I was just talking about how nothing is free and

How it is important to understand the value you

Put into your own time and energy spent.


In the beginning of this month, I dropped everything

And drove down to see my grandmother (granny bear)

To see if there was anything I could do.

I don’t want it to sound like I’m bragging, because

That’s is the furthest thing from my mind.

I’m just trying to make the point that out of love

I made a sacrifice of time and money.


Some people say they sacrifice this and that but

Never see any real returns on their investment

But I’m beginning to realize as this is occurring more

And more frequently in my own life that


It’s not a matter of how much you do

It’s a matter of how much you love


^^^^^ Read that again broham


I’d have you consider that love is a resource

And just like any other resource, there are

Ways to detect counterfeits.


If the love you are putting into something

Isn’t real, you aren’t going to get the full

Benefits you deserve from your life.


I know it’s hard bro.

It’s so so so hard to get this.

It took me years and yet I still wonder

Sometimes if it’s something else, but time

After time it’s proven to be the real deal. 


And here’s the formula:


Love + y = Happiness

Find “Y” and solve for happiness.


*Note: granny bear is now sitting up

And is moving both sides of her body

Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers!


Jerry “equation solved” Washington


P.S. Pretty nifty right? I think that in the future we

Might actually find that a similar equation actually

Exists and we control more about our world that

We currently realize.


We used to think the world was flat, wars were

Started by Gods, and that we could cure diseases

With leeches. What will be saying about our

Current way of thinking in 100 years? In my

Private Facebook group Project SELFFY we

Talk about this type of thinking and where

We might be going next. If you would like to

Join the conversation, click here to join.

Talk soon…

Chinese Food…


I was having lunch with my friend

Jerome today and we were having a talk

About the future for us as trainers and

For the fitness industry as a whole.


Love the guy, but when he said let’s get some 

Chinese food, I was like uh-oh, 

Chinese food ALWAYS makes me sleepy

I don’t know if it’s something about the food

But I always get really tired and then when I 

Wake up from the inevitable nap, I end up

Hungrier than before I even ate.


I thought, there’s gotta be a deeper reason than

Tryptophan or MSG as to why I’m tired after

Scarfing some General Tso’s so I had to 

Investigate this wonton wonder. 


Why do I get sleepy when I eat certain meals

And feel more energized when I eat others???

Shouldn’t I just be able to just eat anything and

Simply will myself to stay awake? 

I mean isn’t food energy??


Well turns out that it is, but it isn’t

I had to go freshman level biochemistry

On this one and do some real research

But I found something interesting

About our dreaded sweet and sour

Slumber inducer…


You’ve heard of MSG right? You know

That stuff that people said was bad so

Now they have to tell you when they

Add it to your shrimp fried rice?


Well turns out monosodium glutamate

(MSG) has this thing called glutamate

And although it’s naturally found in

Some foods (e.g. tomatoes, mushrooms),

An unnatural additive amount can lead

To headaches, nauseousness, and

Of course, drowsiness.


That’s because glutamate excites the

Neurons like a 14 year old that just found

His uncle’s stash of…er…umm…artistic analog

Renditions of 1970-1980’s women.


So when you have too much stimulation

Your neurons eventually die off and

Stop firing altogether.


I never knew until today, why I would

Get so tired with Chinese food, but now

I know, it’s because I need to go for a

Run to burn off all that energy, but

Who wants to go for a run with a belly

Full of shrimp fried rice and

Wonton soup sloshing around?


I think I’ll just take a nap over here…


Jerry “zzzzzzzz” Washington


P.S. Before I literally fall asleep here

I’ve got another fun fact for you.

There is overwhelming evidence that depression

Is linked to elevated levels of MSG and glutamate.

I guess your body gets sad seeing all those cells

Unnecessarily die. So get moving 😉


Learn more fun facts and join the conversation

With a few people, that like you

Think that there is more to life than

Doing what everyone else is doing.

Project SELFFY. The name pretty much

Says it all. Talk soon…