Lies, Lies, Lies!

So this week has been a wild one.

I’ve had a lot of fun with a lot of

Friends and family and even got

A little closer to a few key milestones

That I set for myself this year.


But I’ve also had a huge set back

Grandma bear is not doing well

And it’s looking like we are 

Nearing the end of her winter years

And we will have to soon

Have to say goodbye.


But that’s not what I wanted to 

Talk about today. In interest of

Trying to stay on topic

I want us to keep running with

This theory of the mind that

We’ve had this week.


Yesterday, I told you about how

I (kinda) remembered how my

Bike got stolen out of my car.

You see memory is a funny thing.

It’s a well known fact in the 

Scientific community that 

Your memory changes every time you

Recall something from your past.


The explanation for why that happens

Is a little too complex to explain today

But let’s just say that emotions play

A huge part in what we remember about

Our past and what potential we believe

Is possible for our future. 


So the question remains…


Is our brain lying to us?


Well in a word yes, but for very good reason

In fact, it’s happening all the time, but what’s

Important is to find that balance of

Biology and objectivism that will help you

To develop your knowledge, creativity, and focus

That leads to the good life.


If you think about it, it’s kinduvamazing

That our brain can perform so many functions

And fast to boot.


I don’t remember exactly how many it is,

Something like 144,000 gigabytes of info

A second or some astronomical number

But either way it’s nothing short of

Phenomenal how we can do so much

With that wrinkled gooey mess.


Because there is so much we have to process

Our mind sometimes plays tricks on us and

Tells us stories. We begin to believe that

Those stories are true and then that story

Gets replayed over and over in our head.

I’ve been a victim of that myself.


But I recently found that you can simply

Change your story by changing your focus.


You see broham, I had been making the mistake

Of focusing on the wrong thing, according to

Mindfulness guru Shauna Shapiro.

I like, most people think about things I

Want to fix in my life, things that made me

Feel shame and anxiety.


During a recent meditation session what

She said suddenly just clicked with me.

By focusing on those things that made me

Feel shame I was growing my shame and

Anxiety in general.


It took me a while to get this, but I finally

Realized that when you focus your attention

With kindness and with complete compassion

You begin to feel the release of anxiety and shame

And those things you wanted to fix

Become rather things that need your love and kind



So what are you ashamed of?

What lies are you telling yourself?


The biggest lie that many people tell themselves

Is that they are okay when they are clearly not.

I would have you consider that what you practice

Is what you strengthen.


Practice compassion and kindness

And watch as it develops first within you

And evolves to affect every aspect of life.


Jerry “practicing” Washington


P.S. I’ve started a group that practices this same

Compassion and kind attention that has

Been helping people live the good life through

Understanding and awareness of their thoughts

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No Words

I was listening to the radio the other day. (I normally listen to my own music or books on tape) I was amazed at this one story that this guy had told. He said that he was so upset that he had no freedom in his relationship.

Apparently, every time he would “hang with the boys,” when he came back home his girlfriend would grill him incessantly.

He complained that she would ask him every detail of their night, who he hung out with, what their names were, if he met anybody, where exactly they went, and other questions that more or less led to a detailed run down of exactly what happened that night.

He apparently was getting tired of it and wanted to know what the show hosts had for ideas to get her to stop.

Well you probably might have already guessed that there might have been some trust issues there.

You see, what the guy so conveniently forgot to mention is that he had cheated on her recently and she was concerned that he might try to do it again.

Now, here’s lies the issue. He didn’t want to be grilled, didn’t want to say anything minus the fact that he was going out with friends.

You might be saying to yourself, yeah he deserves it. What an idiot right? He should be lucky to even be in the relationship right?

Well let me tell you something Judgy McJudgerson you are probably doing the same thing right now to some extent.

There are no words, no solutions that will instantly fix any situation. He can tell his girlfriend for the next five years about what he did last night, but it won’t make a difference.

My college football coach used to always tell me that you don’t get into football shape in one day if you took the whole summer off to talk about how great you’re gonna be. You have actually have to DO SOMETHING

You see the problem here playa is that you can’t fix problems with excuses.

So what does that mean for you?


You have to put in some effort. It’s only when you realize that no matter what you do, there is no quick fix to any issue.

But until people realize that companies are still going to keep stealing your money claiming to give you the latest fat loss solution that lets you eat whatever you want. Or the latest pill that will make you stronger and more toned without the need to workout.

Don’t get me wrong there are things that help, but like that guy on the radio, the only way to make a real change is to not just talk about it, but consistently be about it.

The General Fitness company thrives on consistency and I have had countless others who have succeeded in:

Ridding themselves of excuses

Having fun while exercising

Being motivated to eat right consistently

Settling for nothing less than their best efforts in improving their lifestyle.

What you do now, directly affects what you do in the future.

Learn the best way to impact your future without words here:

Jerry “mouth closed, eyes open” Washington

Election Stealing

I can’t believe it!

How did he get away with it?

No, I’m not talking about political elections

I’m talking about the power of choice 

Over our feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

You see, each day we are given a choice. A real choice

You can choose freedom or you can choose to be controlled.

You can allow others to control what you think (he stole it?)

Or you can make up your mind on your own about what’s really important.

I want to invite you to think about this in the upcoming days.

The answers to your frustrations are within your own power.

I don’t want to get all froo froo on you, talking about spiritual vibrations

But I do believe that there is a shift happening and people are starting to realize

What we are truly here to do.

We all want better, we all want more.

Look around, the wars aren’t even the same.

Countries aren’t at war with other countries

They are fighting within themselves as they look to leaders for a better life.

And it’s probably gonna keep happening.

Yet, in reality, the leaders that people put in place are powerless

And have no more control over our real freedom than an

A frat boy has over his liquor on a weekend.

I encourage you to not get caught up in these things that cause you

Unnecessary fear, because fear perpetuates itself and

Rarely brings you viable long term solutions.

Real solutions come from learning, broham.

Not learning in the sense that you find out information

But in the way that affects your life and becomes something that you know

It becomes more than a process of learning.

It becomes a process of knowing.

And throughout that process your sphere of influence grows and

Becomes a light beaconing through the fog of ignorance like

A guide to wayward ships throughout the night.

It really is your choice.

There is nothing being stolen.

You can choose to live a life of power.

Or you can choose to give it away.

Jerry “Election taker” Washington

P.S. I thought about putting in a few links so you could get the scoop on what I saw

But then I thought twice about it and decided that it would be better to not give anymore

Attention to that type of energy. I will instead leave you with this. If you want to join in on

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