The Truth About “Giving A Damn”

I was reading a book awhile back by Jules Verne called Robar the Conqueror. It was a pretty decent book. I have to admit that I couldn’t really get into it, but I did learn a lesson or two about conquering fears from that book.


You see, in that book you had a “hero” that was admittedly afraid of everything ended up being the bravest. It was the coward that had helped his friends conquer their foes.


The same happens in real life all the time. Sure people like Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and others had demonstrated incredible courage, but it was not without lack of fear. There are many times when they all said that they feared for their lives. (Steve because of natural causes)


But these guys didn’t act in fear. They acted in spite of fear. What they did is fully expressed their fears. They did not try to pretend that it didn’t affect them. They told the world that they were afraid, but because they were strong in their reasoning why they were doing what they were doing, they still persisted and got help along the way.


I want you to consider that today. You’re allowed to be afraid. In fact, you should EMBRACE your fears. Recognize that they are there to let you know that you’re pushing your boundaries and that you’re about to happen upon something great.


Remember like they always say. If it doesn’t scare you, it won’t change you.


Jerry “no fear (ok maybe a little)” Washington


P.S. When you start to move forward in life you will find that you will ALWAYS have help. Think of it like the homeless person on the street. He has to sit on the corner and beg all day so that he can eat for one day. Meanwhile, the celebrity can walk into a restaurant and eat for free. It’s all a matter of where your momentum lies. If you want to join a group that can help you identify your purpose and help you on your journey to success click to join my private Facebook group Project SELFFY. Talk soon…

Is Google Trying To Kill Us?

Hey I’m back! 

If you haven’t been tuned in

I just finished an impromptu trip

Down to my birth state of GA.


Grandma bear isn’t doing so well

So I drove down  this weekend

And brought a few reinforcements


NE hoo, As me and sissy bear went

Looking for food around the hospital

We had the most interesting experience


After asking Google for a restaurant

That we could both agree on 

It pulled up none other than 

Ms. Pacman?!?


Apparently there’s an update

That gives you the opportunity

To use your current location as

The game board…


Pretty nifty right?!



Google is trying to kill us man!


Why?  Well if my millennial sister

Is like any other millennial that has the

Tendency to get distracted while driving

Then we’re all in a ton of trouble!




I joke, but I’d be willing to bet that 

This probably is a real concern for some.


As you go through life experiences however,

You find that you can’t be so worried about

Those things that aren’t in your control.


In fact, I think back to all my challenges

I’ve had in life and I while I was sitting there

Holding my grandmother’s hand, they all

Seemed insignificant.


It’s like everything seems so serious and final

Until you come across something as serious

And as final as the real possibility of death.


It actually reminds me of this saying, I don’t

Remember who actually coined the term

But it goes something like: “You can tell the

Size of someone’s character, by the size of their



So what’s bugging you broham?

Are you afraid to step up because you think

You’re gonna get hurt?


Well, I got news for you, unless it’s death

It’s nothing more than another experience

That you can learn and recover from.


I’m not saying that you should be reckless

But you might want to be honest with yourself

About how much your happiness is related to

Your ability to see challenges and obstacles

In EVERY PART OF LIFE and find a way to

Overcome them.


So are THEY trying to kill you?

Here’s the best answer to that question

It’s an actual quote by Billy Shakespeare:

Cowards die many times before their deaths;

The valiant never taste of death but once”


Jerry “die once, live forever” Washington


P.S. There is a way to live forever and it has

Nothing to do with your vitality. If you have the

Courage to do what is right by others and you

Actively challenge yourself to be the best you can

In all facets of life, believe me, you will live a very

Long time not only in the physical form, but in the

Hearts and minds of others that are here long after

You are gone. More on that tomorrow (maybe).


If you would like to discuss this more, I would

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More fulfilled life not by being fearful, but fearless.

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Talk Soon…

Love Story?

I want to write a love story

Not like those traditional

Boy meets girl, they fall in love



We’re going to finish off this week’s

Theme about heroes and leaders with

A few of today’s great leaders in different

Fields and what makes them the leaders

That they are.


Remember, leaders and authorities aren’t

Always the same thing.

Sometimes a leader can be someone or

Something (i.e. a business) and have very

Little real power, but yet everyone still

Gives them their full attention anytime they

Choose to speak.


So on with the love story…


Number 1: Everyone loves this guy and yet he’s

From the smallest country on the planet.

He’s used his platform to include many people

That before him felt disenfranchised within

His organization and has transcended his

Position as leader of the organization into

The leader of a movement of acceptance,

Inclusion, and most of all…LOVE.


Who am I talking about?


In my (humble and usually correct) opinion.

Pope Francis is one of the greatest leaders of

All time.


His inclusion of everyone under the

Catholic church is unprecedented. He does

Not use the Catholic church as a sort of

Platform to denounce everyone that does not

Believe in the traditional church doctrine.


His vision is not about advancing Catholicism

But of advancing love, acceptance, and inclusion

Of all thoughts and beliefs in the conversation

So that we can all grow through understanding.

His is a very unselfish cause….


Number 2: Lady Gaga she may wear some

Pretty interesting clothing *clears throat*

Meat suits aside, her little monsters are

The misfits and the miscreants of the world

And they worship her for being the voice

That they never had the courage to have.


Not only is she a creative genius, but she

Has brought her message of inclusion to

Mac make-up where she has strategically

Chosen to market products wearable by

ALL skin types and colors.


Number 3: Virgin Inc. (Richard Branson)

It was a record company, then branched

Into airlines, then into mobile phone service.

The vision of Richard Branson is only

Matched by one Steve Jobs, unfortunately

He’s dead so now all our iPhones are gonna



But what he has done is have a vision.

He wasn’t trying to define his company

As the best record company, or the best



His was a vision that created a company

Similar to Apple, where they didn’t set out

To be a product, but rather a company that

Could build a better design, a better service, or

A better experience to what was already existing

On the market.


It is because of this same principle that we

Know what an iPod is, but would have to

Go back to 2002 to see what Dell (yes, that

Dude your getting a Dell) had as the

More powerful equivalent at the time.

Side note: I actually owned one of those things.


So I think I can stop it there. There were a few

Others I considered, Nelson Mandela, Elon Musk

Gandhi, and a few others, and they were/are

All great it’s just that I mean how much hero

Worship can I fit into 500 words…


One thing that we can take away from today is

That leaders are never for a selfish cause, well

At least outwardly selfish. They are looking

To create the world in their own vision and often

The best leaders are the ones that find a way

To include everyone, despite each individual’s

Personal beliefs.


So you may not aspire to be a leader today, but

There is a probability that you’ll become

A leader if you were to emulate these greats.

I’d like to see if you agree or would add anyone

Else to that list. Feel free to leave a comment

Below with a few of your favorites.


Jerry “got nothing today” Washington


P.S. Another side note, I believe that Trump

Did not win the presidency, but Hillary

Lost it. People were not voting FOR

Trump, they were voting AGAINST

The current establishment.


The republicans put this in place

By being against a person rather than

For the people and the people retaliated.

In a way I believe that our politicians

Really are a reflection of America.


People preach being tolerant, but if

Someone disagrees (and I’m talking both sides)

Then, they are quick to judge and call the

Other side out of touch. I mean I’m not a fan of

Trump, I’ll come out and say it, but I also

Know that understanding comes from

Listening and patience.  It’s hard to call

Someone names and then turn around

And say you believe ALL lives matter.

It doesn’t work like that.


Inclusion means EVERYBODY…


Speaking of which, I’d like you to

Join the conversation on Facebook with me

And my crew

Project SELFFY is the name. Let’s

Talk soon…