Keep Going…

You know anyone that has one of those
Moms that’s always sending forwards? 
That’s my mom lol.
Mama bear is a great person, but sometimes

She gets a little too carried away

Now, I’m a bit paranoid now from all the emails

I was suppose to forward that I didn’t…


NE ways, today I want to talk to you about

Motivation or the lack of it, to be more



Motivation is easy to come by, seriously

Everyone has motivation, but what becomes

Difficult is maintaining it.
I can carrot and stick you all day and

As soon as I take that carrot away,

You’re back to doing the same old stuff


So the question becomes, not how 

Do you get motivated? But

How do you stay motivated?


Well young grasshopper, to learn the answer

You have to first ask yourself, “why”


You see, the who, what, or how can get you lost.

Those are very fluid and can change in an instant

Leaving you blowing in the wind waiting for the

Next gust of opportunity to show up.


But when you know why then the world opens up

Your world opens up, because now it doesn’t become

Simply a matter of if the conditions are right.


It’s time to create a firm concept of “why” so you

Have the ability to MAKE the conditions right, because you

Will recognize the opportunity in every moment.

There is an opportunity to be seized every moment it’s

Really a matter if your reason for doing what you’re doing

Is strong enough.


I could go a lot more into this, but I want to leave you with

This for the day:

When you know WHY; how, what, and when become irrelevant

What truly creates AND sustains motivation is the strength of your

Reasoning to be motivated in the first place.


Jerry “why” Washington


P.S. If you want to chat more about motivation, I would encourage

You to continue the discussion with me and some highly motivated

People here in my free private Facebook group Project SELFFY.

Talk soon…























Never Wear A Red Shirt To Target…


So I was at Target the other day

I was shopping for a friend’s birthday and

I just so happen to be wearing a red shirt

Big mistake…


I just planned on getting a gift card and

Some trail mix, but it took me like 45 minutes

To even finish getting the card because after

Every card I would try to pick up, some old lady

Would tap me on the shoulder and ask me

Where she could find the ummm…

pharmacy/prophylactic section?


I would like to think that I’m a helpful guy

But honestly, I’d also like to think I could shop

In a red shirt without having any problems.


NE hoo, it kinda makes me think about

How everyone in life sometimes misjudges

The information that’s present. 

You grandma see’s a relatively young guy 

Wearing a red shirt a (and khakis…ooops)

And thinks employee. 


I suppose in hindsight it’s understandable

But today I’m gonna start the week off

By talking about your subconscious and

How you can use mind control to 

Control other people’s behaviors

Did you know that you could control

People’s emotions?


Yup, in fact it’s actually pretty simple.

In fact, you may not know it, but

You’re doing it all the time.


You see, back in the days of Freud

There were slew of other behavioral

Psychologists that had competing

Philosophies about emotions and how

They are caused.


You may be familiar with Freud’s work

About the Id, Ego, and Superego

Or how all boys secretly want to

Sleep with their moms and kill their father

(I know kinda sick right?) I still find it

Kinda weird that we even thought twice

About considering this guy credible…


Well, there was this guy named William

James and he studied under Freud

He went on to start branch off and in

Some circles is considered the father of

Modern psychology.


James was a bit more “normal” and he held

A different belief about emotions that is

Starting to gain more and more traction with the

Scientific community.

James believed that emotions were actually the

Result of a physiological response…


I mean get this broham, most people believed

That our emotions are from some sort of

Repressed memories.

But what we’re finding out is that that’s only

Half of the whole game.


Our body responds to the outside world and

THEN we feel emotion.

Read that again sugar lips ^^^^


It turns out that research shows that our

Emotions are more or less universal

With just a few smatterings of personal

Experience thrown in to spice it up for

Us as individuals.


There is a quite a bit I’m going to try

To discuss this week about this topic

So I’m going to stop here and leave you

With this thought for the day.


Our body is constantly responding to

Stimulus from the outside and sending

The information to the brain.


But just before we produce a response

There is a space. A space which

Most people completely ignore, but

In that space lies choice.


You can ALWAYS choose your response

The rest is up to chance…


Jerry “choices” Washington


P.S. In my private Facebook group we’ll be

Talking about this as well, if you’d like to join

The conversation come find us there. Until then

Talk soon…

Control Your Space

How are you feeling today?


There was a time when the majority of the world believed that the stars affected our attitude and that sacrifices to the gods was the only to prevent misfortunes.

Now we (most of us at least) believe that to be a bunch of hooey. Yes, we still ask psychics for a glimpse into our future and yea we still sacrifice, but now it’s money and time instead of people, but the fact still remains that we really have no control over what happens outside of our own bodies.

You see hombre, even though many of us have a pretty good grasp on logic, for some reason there are those that still believe they can control other things outside of our own head. But the unfortunate problem is that many haven’t even mastered their own thinking to have any real sense of control in the first place.

Let me give you an example. You’re walking down the street with a coffee in your hand on your way to an important meeting and someone bumps into you. You spill the coffee all over yourself and then find yourself in even more of a rush because your outfit is ruined. You think to yourself, what a terrible day.

Meanwhile, as you are rushing to either try to clean yourself up or buy a new outfit before you completely miss the meeting, you pass a hospital. Somehow, you see someone who is absolutely in pain, walking slowly, dragging an IV, all while flashing the biggest grin as she goes to greet her family who came to visit her in the hospital.
What a great day.

What’s the difference?

Control my friend.

Not control of the environment, but control over your head space.

This is why so many people are frustrated with goal setting. They become a function of how they feel or what is going on around them.

So general Washington, how do we get out of this vicious cycle of goal setting, failure, and disappointment.

Glad you asked sergeant sugar toes.

Make a plan and stick to it. Don’t be a function of your feelings or circumstance. You can control you and only you.

See the goal everyday in some way. And do something (no matter how small) to achieve it.

That’s exactly what happens with the General Fitness Program.

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Jerry “Master of my own destiny” Washington