Unstoppable You Are…


If you’ve been tuned in this week, you’ve been

Witness to one of the greatest weeks known to man.

HA! J/k, but it’s been a pretty epic week full of 

Awesome surprises. 

But that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

Sometimes life ain’t all all rainbows and

And Unicorn farts. 

One of the greatest challenges know to man

Affects both business and individuals alike.


It’s taken down companies like Enron and Apple

And done the same to the likes of Mike Tyson,

Hammer, and virtually every rock group not 

Named Aerosmith or the Rolling Stones.

What is this challenge?
Well in a word…

You see, so many individuals and organizations

Experience success, but often fail to continue

Doing what they’ve been doing to get there.
Take me for example.


After I broke my leg a while back

I was determined to get back even

Better than I was before.

Fast forward to now.

I’m a power lifting world champ

And I’ve been on American Ninja Warrior

Lost 30 pounds and I’m back to my

High school weight (+ more muscle)
But…buT, with a capital “T” for trouble

I got a little complacent and I stopped

Working out as much.

What got me into trouble is that I forgot

Why I was doing what I was doing.

The reasons for my success became fuzzy

It was no longer apparent that if I did “A”

I would get “B”


And on top of that, because I had done

So much to get where I was, a few cheeseburgers

Here and a taco or two there didn’t really affect me.

And that is where a lot of us lose our way.


But I don’t want you to lose your way.
In fact, I want to literally give you the way to go.
How’s that?


Well…TWO words Project SELFFY.

It’s the private Facebook group that I started

So that people like you can find a

Path to success that is suitable for your goals.
I don’t have time to go into much more today

But I’ll tell you this, there are some very

Intelligent people in there that I have personally

Selected to help others find the courage to

Face any challenge.
If you haven’t found a consistent way to create
Success in your life, in the ways of fun, fitness,

Finance, or fulfillment, I would like to invite you

To join the conversation by clicking the link below.

I wanna know more…

Jerry “no more cheeseburgers” Washington

P.S. It’s spring and if you’re anything like me

You’ve probably lost that (sorta) awesome bod

You had from last summer. If you’re interested

In learning how you can get it back and keep it

Then talk to me here. Talk soon…

The Pain Of Progress

A= π r 2 Something that none of us knew growing up

But as we got older and got more education, we learned 

That that’s the formula to find the area of a circle. 


I’m thinking of so many things on this ” #πsnowday”

In Philadelphia, one of them being that I maybe 

Overdid it a little trying to shovel both

My and my neighbor’s yard. 


So as I’m stretching on my foam roller  

(hot tip on that if you continue reading)

There was something interesting that came to 

 Mind about the path to success and getting

 What you want when you want.


Life’s all about your ability to sometimes

Experience pain without flinching.


You see stretching is sometimes sooo painful

Like I’ll avoid it sometimes, even though I know

With every fiber of my being that it’s good for me.

You can probably see where I’m going with this.


Stretching is painful, but so are mistakes sometimes

You see, growth is normally experienced through

One or two mistakes that cause us pain.


Because we don’t want to experience that pain again

You simply find a way to either avoid (not foam roll)

Or cope (take pain meds)


Neither of those solutions actually tackles the issue

But what’s most important here is what we find when

Growth is necessary in life.


It’s through pain that we find our release and that

Release ultimately leads to more freedom.


Whether it be with greater range of motion or

An emotional release from an issue that’s been

On your mind for some time.

Your freedom depends on your ability to grow

Despite how uncomfortable it always will seem


Jerry “pain release” Washington


P.S. About that foam rolling tip.

Foam rolling is remarkably like tenderizing meat.

No, comment…ne hoo one thing you want to consider

Is the direction your rolling. You never want to roll

With the muscle fiber only perpendicular. For instance

If you want to roll your back, don’t go side to side, go up

And down. Use this info wisely. Talk soon…

Believe THEN Achieve…

Yesterday, I had a little chat with myself after finishing up a little work. I had just finished reading a few fitness articles and I took a little break to watch a Ted Talk about goal setting and purpose.

I forget the speaker’s name now, but he did a short experiment with people at a local university with a very steep hill that led to one of the main buildings.

So this guy starts by surveying two groups.

At the bottom he asks the first group to write their goals

Then at the top he had them write the perceived difficulty of climbing the hill and how steep they believed the hill to be.

For the second group he asked them to write their purpose in life.

And at the top he asked the same questions about perceived difficulty and steepness.

As you may or may not have already guessed, the second group rated a significantly less average of perceived difficulty and they graded the hill to be less steep than the first group.

What does this mean?

Vassar is the most in shape school?

Not exactly.

What it means sir, is that we as inhabitants of this awesome planet have a purpose.

What is that purpose you ask?

Bro, I can’t tell you that.

Listen Shnookums

I get it.

Sometimes you can get caught up in trying to be and achieve so many things, that you forget your purpose.

I sometimes find myself getting so caught up in goal setting that I really do lose my perspective on purpose.

But we all have purpose and it’s a good idea to know what yours is.

Purpose gives us strength to conquer those obstacles in life.

Whether they be hills or actual life challenges, purpose gives us a reason to endure and makes it easier to do so.

Live with a purpose and have a reason to live.

Join me and my crew for even more reasons to live with a purpose..

Click here:


Jerry “here for a reason” Washington

P.S. Our boy Jesus talked about this very thing in one of his parables about growing up in the right soil and having definition of purpose. It’s an interesting take on growing up with the wrong purpose looks like: