The Teacher Becomes The Student

So for obvious reasons, I don’t really talk about my personal training too much. I am transitioning my personal training to group settings so that all my clients can experience the effect of group training.

But this weekend, one of my clients almost made me rethink my decision.

You see care bear, I work in a gym that has some pretty high powered clientele. I mean really high powered. Like running the city high powered. Oops I’ve already said too much.

Well any who, you can probably imagine the intelligence and business sense of the people that walk through those doors. It is for this very reason that I have stayed there almost 10 years and struggle to imagine what it would be like anywhere else.

So I have a few people left that do my personal training. Can’t seem to get them to budge, but after talking to one of them this weekend for a few moments I found it difficult to give up the personal training completely.

So I asked this man who was voted one of the top most powerful men in Philadelphia what made him so successful and “powerful,” as the paper put it.

His reply was so simple I almost farted when I laughed.

He said with a straight face, “don’t take anything personal”

I said I never do!

Then he proceeded to tell me that what I just said indicated that I just took what he said personal

And I’ll be damned if he was right.

You see sweet cakes, the key to happiness is to realize that no matter what, you can’t take things personal.

Which is hard for a fitness professional because everything I do is personal.

What I eat shows up in my body.
What I think shows up in my actions.
And what I believe shows up in my workouts (sounds like a t- shirt :-P)

You see too often (myself included) we get so caught up in ourselves that we don’t realize other people may be going through something which may lead them to have a completely different perspective.

That’s why it’s so important to trust yourself enough to trust others.

I get it, we’re not all there. Hell I’m not even fully there in all honesty, but the thing is, when successful people give you sound advice, you’re more likely to make it your mission to inherit those characteristics.

So maybe you’re one that isn’t there yet. And that’s fine.

Don’t take this personally, but I don’t want to waste your time if you aren’t ready to trust the process that has kept thousands of people in shape and helped a few hundred more reach their fitness goals within 8 weeks.

So if you’re not ready, stop reading NOW

If you are ready to

Put trust in the hands of a trained fitness professional

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Be independent from your fears and worries about what other people think

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Jerry “young grasshopper” Washington

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I have been getting schooled all week for some reason. It’s as if the universe said that this is going to be a week of life lessons from Sunday morning till now.

This realization culminated (nice word there) with a rant that I almost deleted from Flakebook after reading an article regarding minimum wage. Which you’ll find in the P.S.

Now it’s not important which side I’m on, or was on. What’s really important broseph is what happened shortly after I clicked send.

Someone sent me a link that very eloquently (gotta million of these) gave the opposing view and most importantly, the big picture.


Have you ever been so focused on one thing that you only later come to find out that the whole time there is way more to the story?

It’s like when people think that one good workout will make up for months or even years of inactivity or when a salad is supposed to make up for a weeks worth of poor diet choices.

Here’s the big picture home slice.

If you’re so busy focusing on one cool looking tree, you’ll never see the beauty of the forest. Just because you really believe something doesn’t make it right…right?

You see cupcake, sometimes our fears and egos can get in the way of the truth leading us to accept false information as truth of the world around us.

So my friend, I encourage you to do what I did and challenge what you know and ask yourself
If there is really a connection between your fears and the actual truth. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Taking that next step however, will prove to be an even more challenging endeavour. But I’ve got some help on the way in the form of the General Fitness Company

I can take you from simply thinking about fitness to actually being about fitness. You’ll love how you feel after just one session.
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Jerry “humbled salad eater” Washington

P.S. Here’s those two articles. Always important to remember that the best opinion is an informed opinion.