One (More) Fitness Tip…

Holy socks Batman!

My last fitness tip gotta huge response.

I guess you just want me to shut-up and

Give you the goods every once inna while, eh?

Fine hmmmppp lol!


No I get it, sometimes you just want answers.

What can I do to get rid of THIS??

What’s the best ab exercise?

How many grams of protein should you eat?


Those are all important questions, but I think 

The most important aspect of fitness is too often

Overlooked by the average fitness professional.


What am I talking about?




You know you need it, yet you still don’t get enough

I had a problem with this when I first started training

I would stay up late and get up early for work.

Thinking that I was hustling, but really I was only

Hurting myself.


I’m not going to go into all the physical reasons

You need sleep, (if you’re interested, click here)

But I will outline a few that you may or may not have

Thought about while staying up to watch

Just one last episode” on Netflix


1. Hunger You ever get hungry and crave a late night snack

Well that’s your body searching for dopamine to keep it awake.

Your body also releases higher levels of insulin, which tell your

Body to store the food as fat. Moral: Don’t eat when you’re tired


2. Moodiness When you lack sleep, your brain cannot renew

So it goes into panic and thinks something is wrong and releases

The stress hormone, cortisol. This is the same stuff your body

Releases during road rage and when someone eats your snack

Out the company fridge.


3. What Comes After 2?? You also get dumber as you deprive

Yourself of those dancing sugar plum fairies from your dreams.

When you sleep, your brain creates new neural pathways that

Accommodate for what you learned that day. No sleep, no new

Pathways, no way to keep knowledge in. All that adds up to

Amount to you needing to write a lot of stuff down.


Well speaking of sleep, it’s time for me to escape to dreamland

If you found this helpful, please leave a message

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Jerry “enter sandman” Washington


P.S. I forgot to mention the absolute worst part bout

Not getting enough sleep.

Everyone telling you that you look tired all day.

I mean seriously, seriously. I look tired?

How about YOU look like you should keep your

Observations to yourself.


Ha! Looks like I need to get some sleep.

But before I go, I would like to invite you to

Join me and others in a discussion about truly

Living the good life on my private Facebook page

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Lies, Lies, Lies!

So this week has been a wild one.

I’ve had a lot of fun with a lot of

Friends and family and even got

A little closer to a few key milestones

That I set for myself this year.


But I’ve also had a huge set back

Grandma bear is not doing well

And it’s looking like we are 

Nearing the end of her winter years

And we will have to soon

Have to say goodbye.


But that’s not what I wanted to 

Talk about today. In interest of

Trying to stay on topic

I want us to keep running with

This theory of the mind that

We’ve had this week.


Yesterday, I told you about how

I (kinda) remembered how my

Bike got stolen out of my car.

You see memory is a funny thing.

It’s a well known fact in the 

Scientific community that 

Your memory changes every time you

Recall something from your past.


The explanation for why that happens

Is a little too complex to explain today

But let’s just say that emotions play

A huge part in what we remember about

Our past and what potential we believe

Is possible for our future. 


So the question remains…


Is our brain lying to us?


Well in a word yes, but for very good reason

In fact, it’s happening all the time, but what’s

Important is to find that balance of

Biology and objectivism that will help you

To develop your knowledge, creativity, and focus

That leads to the good life.


If you think about it, it’s kinduvamazing

That our brain can perform so many functions

And fast to boot.


I don’t remember exactly how many it is,

Something like 144,000 gigabytes of info

A second or some astronomical number

But either way it’s nothing short of

Phenomenal how we can do so much

With that wrinkled gooey mess.


Because there is so much we have to process

Our mind sometimes plays tricks on us and

Tells us stories. We begin to believe that

Those stories are true and then that story

Gets replayed over and over in our head.

I’ve been a victim of that myself.


But I recently found that you can simply

Change your story by changing your focus.


You see broham, I had been making the mistake

Of focusing on the wrong thing, according to

Mindfulness guru Shauna Shapiro.

I like, most people think about things I

Want to fix in my life, things that made me

Feel shame and anxiety.


During a recent meditation session what

She said suddenly just clicked with me.

By focusing on those things that made me

Feel shame I was growing my shame and

Anxiety in general.


It took me a while to get this, but I finally

Realized that when you focus your attention

With kindness and with complete compassion

You begin to feel the release of anxiety and shame

And those things you wanted to fix

Become rather things that need your love and kind



So what are you ashamed of?

What lies are you telling yourself?


The biggest lie that many people tell themselves

Is that they are okay when they are clearly not.

I would have you consider that what you practice

Is what you strengthen.


Practice compassion and kindness

And watch as it develops first within you

And evolves to affect every aspect of life.


Jerry “practicing” Washington


P.S. I’ve started a group that practices this same

Compassion and kind attention that has

Been helping people live the good life through

Understanding and awareness of their thoughts

If you would like to see how that works, click

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How To Meditate

Many of you know me as a fun, easy going guy with relatively good business sense and a recent affinity for self improvement.

I’ve been working on a few things to help me feel more fulfilled, like:

Whistling (which I still can’t do)

Being present at all times (still working on that one)

And meditation (starting to get a grasp of it)

The last one is one I’ve been working on for the longest and I’ve recently made some breakthroughs that I would like to share.

I’ve had a few people lately ask me about meditation.

Like how often you should do it, what you should get from it, and most importantly how the heck you actually do it.

I’m like you when I first thought about meditation, I thought it was a waste of time and was really only for those really spiritual people that wear white robes all day and chomp on granola for sustenance.

Then I started reading up on it and I saw all kinds of normal people turning to meditation to solve problems, find inner peace, and cut down on the brain chatter that is often found putting a damper on our dreams.

So I tried a few methods, most of them from the meditation gurus that said just basically sit quiet and let what comes to you, come to you.

I found that after a week or so of that, all I was really getting was a nap.

Don’t get me wrong Rip Van broseph, I like a good nap as much as the next guy, but I wasn’t feeling fulfilled with just a nap so I went back to the drawing board and asked one of my mentors (yeah I have a few of them and you should too if you have any aspirations of living a more fulfilling life)

Jesse Elder is a ethical cult builder (think CrossFit or fitness tribe similar to a boot camp without the exercise) as well as an accomplished entrepreneur. He teaches many life skills related to self empowerment and relationship building and he recommended a four step process to meditation that I’ve been working on and have gotten some pretty decent success with so far.

There are 4 segments and each one is about 5 minutes for a 20 minute session.

You ready? Here we go:

1. Sit quietly

First you find a space that’s quiet. You can lay down if you like, but down fall asleep like I did. If you are feeling tired get in an upright position.

Close your eyes and if necessary cover them so you can block out any stray light that can mess up your flow.

2.  Be appreciative

This is kind of the fun part for me. Think about all the things you’ve accomplished over the past day, week, month, or lifetime and show appreciation for them.
Appreciate the people that helped you, appreciate yourself for having the courage and strength to achieve what you have. This should put you in a positive mindset and get you ready to roll right into the next segment…

3. Open your mind to priming

This is where you start to think “what if?” Not in the judgemental, negative “what if I fail” or ” what if that goes wrong.”

Think more along the lines of what you CAN do. This is where you prime your mind to think in the realm of endless possibilities. You are now opening your mind. Rather than you just thinking of “I can’t” and being scarcity minded, you open yourself up to having abundant thinking and letting your creativity run wild. This is where those light bulb moments come flying into your subconscious.

4. Allowing/Acceptance

Now that you have those ideas floating around, it’s time to lock ’em in.

Similar to the way you just completed the Pictures i part, you just sit there as youIu feel the physical difference in your body.

You might feel lighter or more present, but whatever you feel, you’ll feel great and have more clarity throughout your day.

————————– ———– ————————-

Ok so now that you have the skills necessary to meditate, I would like you to consider applying this technique to your own life.

As always, if you are looking for more in depth knowledge and techniques on how to improve your life, contact me. Simple as that…

Check it out:

Jerry ” Namaste” Washington

P.S. If you want to learn more about meditation, the best way is to try it. Reading about experiences can take you so far, practical application will help you see how it works in your own life