I had a client not too long ago tell me she wanted to design a t-shirt that said:

“I’d rather be fat”


I cracked up, but I bet a lot of people, whether they have a consistent workout routine or not, are probably thinking the same thing. Today, I want to talk about an article I read on a particular fitspo blogger’s website. After reading it, my mind was blown.

He had taken a concept that I based most of my training on and turned it on its head. I actually even shared it on social media. I have to say I’m a little embarrassed, But it’s not like I got caught picking my nose (again) at a stop light.

I tell ya, you can only recover from one of those with a carefully worded response. The other requires you to drive away fast so you’re never seen again (till the next stop light)


So what exactly is the dilemma you ask?

Well its about the age old question of beauty

Or function.

I vote beauty and I’ll give you the short answer first

You see, beauty in the case of physical training is all about symmetry and the reason that it is is that it is perceived to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.


I mean if you think about, we all strive to have symmetry in our lives.


You wouldn’t want to have a huge right bicep and forearm and then a tiny left one. People might start to think things and some might even mention spending more time outside the house…

Made Up Stats

The disagreement comes when talking about training an asymmetrical body, which is what 98.4% of the world has (just made that stat up).

Some people believe that by breaking the rules of certain techniques, they are serving their clients but I would have you consider your car.

Why your car? Because when it goes out of alignment iIt runs a little differently. The same applies to the body sure your body is not designed by a computer nor iIs is meant to go 70 miles an hour, but I believe the comparison is still applicable.

If there is one thing I have learned from working as a trainer in a chiropractic office for the last year or so, it’s that alignment is crucial for optimal performance. It is irresponsible to train anyone to perform a movement knowing that they have limitations that would prevent it. TThat would be like telling your 2-year old that he needs to get a job.

Sure it would be helpful and it would make sense for him to pay for his own food and clothes like the rest of us but he simply can’t do it.

So being that there is a 98.4% chance (again, made up stat) that you or I are asymmetrical, what do we do? Well broham, it’s simple, but not easy.

Accept that you are different and train differently. Know the rules of training and make your weakness your strength.

Why We Exist

That is the foundation of the General Fitness Company. I envision a world that knows the rules of movement. In this world, people make intelligent moves during and after workouts; in life as well as in the gym.

I truly believe this company is coming from a different place in that, we are discovering real solutions for what people take for granted as being just another thing that simply  “Is what it is.”

One thing that I want you to take away from today is that although we are all diverse, we live by the same rules. The issue is that the rules we have made aren’t based on nature.

If you look to nature and find beauty, then it is there you will find the answer to the question of symmetry.


Jerry “seeking symmetry” Washington


P.S. I think this could be a debate that can go on and on but I want you to think about this, injuries such as sprains

strains, tears, and tendonitis don’t just happen to you.


Your body responds to your environment and if it can’t hHandle what it’s reacting to, then your tendons, ligaments

and sometimes muscles will react in an adverse way. Comment below with what you think. Form or function…

Or both??? Talk soon…

The Death (and life) of Curiosity…

Ha! What’s going on broham? We had a beautiful day in the PHI today
And I honestly didn’t want to stay inside at all. 
I had a few things that I was supposed to do to get ready for mama bear’s arrival 
And honestly Breezus, I got maybe a quarter of my to do list done.
Sheesh, sunny days wrecking my cleaning plans…
Happens to the best of us I spose.
NE hooooo, I wanted to talk to you today about something I’ve
Been discussing with a few friends now.
It’s been a topic in my online private Facebook group Project SELFFY
I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about it before
You wanna know what it is?
Curiosity. Ha!
You know curiosity supposedly killed the cat, but it can be
A very powerful way to discover a better way to live. 
You see while I was fiddling around indoors today
I accidentally pressed a button on my computer and I had
No idea what it even did then it took me about 5 minutes to
Set my computer back to how I am used to using it.
It was then I thought to myself
This is ridiculous, I use this thing everyday, but I don’t know 
What the hell some of the buttons even do?
So curiosity set in and I pressed them all.
A few times it asked if I wanted to change a setting here or there
But nothing really happened, I didn’t die…
I would like you to consider that curiosity can be a very powerful tool.
It is a door that leads us to experience an alternative life if we dare push.
The problem is that we all think that there isn’t anything better for us
On the other side of the door. 
I like to think of all of us like cats and having 9 lives (maybe more)
No, not in the literal past lives, kinda way. 
I mean the life that you lead dies once you become enlightened to
A new way of thinking. 
So the moral of the story?
Don’t be afraid to do some digging, you never know what treasures you’ll find.
Jerry “learning through experience” Washington
P.S. If you would like to continue this conversation, I would encourage you
To be curious and find out how you can level up your life just by joining the 
Conversation and clicking here. Talk soon…