Time To Grow Up

In life, whether you’re advancing or not, you will always keep moving forward. Time is a constant for all of us. If you’re expecting the things that got you to where you are now to work in taking you to where you wanna go, well then you might be a bit disappointed.

Happiness Ever After?

You see fulfillment comes from the inside. When you control your own emotional state, you will find that you can choose to feel any way you want. 

Now, I’m not gonna say you should be happy all the time, that’s a form of psychosis, but what you can do is not beat yourself up when things aren’t going your way. 

What’s Your State?

You don’t wanna be stuck in a reactive mindset broham, believe me. When you’re reactive, you have no control over your feelings, emotions, and actions. If you’re looking to be powerful then I would have you consider that the way to go is…