What’s Stopping You?

I want to first thank you for reading.

By taking the time out of your day to

Learn about how you can make a real

Impact in the world, it shows that

You are ready to do something more

Than what you are currently doing.


“What’s stopping you?”

That’s the question I bet everyone has

Had roll around in their mind. 

Should I switch lanes?

Should I talk to that person?

Am I good enough to…?



Yeah, you know what I’m talking about

But then there’s the big one’s that we 

Really notice.

You know, those life changing decisions


For me it was chewing tobacco. 

It may be something completely different for you

But it all really boils down to fear. 


What you have to understand is that 

You are screwing yourself when you

Start to believe the stories that your mind

Makes up. 


It’s not about being braver than other people

It’s not about being fearless or even about

Running w/ team #nosleep to show how

“Dedicated” you’re being to be productive.


It all boils down to one question

What’s stopping you…

What makes us happier than anything in the world?

Okay not mom’s meatloaf or mac and cheese from

Max Brenner’s…it’s truth.


The truth is what sets us apart from the animals

It’s our search for it that both eludes us and

Brings us joy.


So it just makes sense that whenever you are

Confronted with a fear and the stories start to

Fly around in your head you stop and think

Is it true?”


Are the stories in your head true?


That search for the truth in our thoughts and

Behaviors, is the very foundation of the pursuit

Of the good life and it’s how you can also find

Your own personal truth.


I invite you to ask honestly ask yourself

What’s stopping you today.

Begin right now to find the answers that lead

You towards happiness and fulfillment


Jerry “truth seeker” Washington


P.S. There is so much more I want to say on this

But honestly a lot of people are…ehem…afraid to

Talk about what they are afraid of. And I get that.

It took me years to admit I had an addiction. But

The key to getting anywhere in finding your truth

Is to feel safe and have trust in your environment.

Two things that you can safely say that you will

Find in my private Facebook group

Project SELFFY.


I would like to invite you to join the conversation

With a group that really believes that there is

More to life than just daily Tupperware

Containers of chicken and broccoli.

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Talk soon…

What’s Worse?


I think about what could possibly be worse than a secret

I mean, don’t you feel a little weird around someone

That has a secret that they aren’t telling you?

Kinda uneasy?


But we all run around with our little secrets

We try to hide our bad habits

We fight our addictions

We even try to pretend that we’re perfect.



You know, it’s hard because just about

Everyone has a secret, yet we all run

Around acting like no one else is supposed

To have a secret and when someone

Finds it out we all act all mightier than thou

The next time that person’s name is mentioned


I caught myself doing the same thing until I took

A look at myself and I realized that shaming of

Any sort is a low vibration mindset.


Honestly, shaming is our way deflecting from the issues

In our own life and refocusing them on the flaws

Of others so that we can feel better about our own shit.


So I started a system, but I don’t want to release it

Right here to the public.

But if you want to learn how you can be a leader

And not someone who follows what everyone does

And gets what everyone else gets,

Email me here  and we can have a conversation.


Jerry “skeletons?” Washington


P.S. I’ve also started a private Facebook group

Where we discuss the fundamentals of helping

Ourselves become better selves so we can later

Help others. Join Project SELFFY. Talk soon…

Got Change?

Sup, broski?

Was just sitting here watching an unGodly

And somewhat embarrassing gross amount of videos 

On YouTube today. 

It got me to thinking about addiction. 

You know, cuz I literally had not moved for like 2 hours…

Let’s take a moment for a word from our friends Merriam-Webster

Addiction:   compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (such as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; broadly :  persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful

Yup, they say sitting is the new smoking and boy can I tell you

If it’s not harmful to your health, it’s at the very least harmful to your back…need-slow-funny-pain-quotes-down-hurt-sadness-everyone-else-can-catch-up-being-sick-just-way-saying-put-some-whiskey-coffe-because

NE hoo, I was thinking about all that I’ve learned about addiction

And how it relates to change.

You know, people can criticize and shame you, but it doesn’t really equate to change.

Change, starts in your heart and mind and there’s

Actually scientific proof that shows how 

Criticism, and shaming are UNhelpful when it comes to making a change. 


But listen to this Bro Nameth…

Addiction is not just related to drugs or alcohol. 

Naw bruh, addiction is your body, mind, state

And what have you, craving for a specific mix

Of hormones or body sauce as my friends like to call it. 


So if someone is addicted to say eating

It’s not really about the food

It’s about the feeling

When you think about it, it’s not about what’s going into the body

It’s what’s going on IN the body or more specifically the mind…

Our mind is ultra powerful broham and the important thing

To remember about it, is that it’s responsible for keeping us “sane”

Now to do that, it must always work to keep things normal or at

A homeostasis.


For instance, if you’ve adapted to something like doing 10 pushups

You could imagine that if you instead did 20 one day

You would feel the burn.


But say you wanted to maybe stop smoking.

You would feel the burn

But differently, as your body struggled to adapt to the change.


Change is so hard, because your body reacts by resisting


Your mind fights hard as well because it sees this change as loss

And grieves which leads to sadness and mild depression.


So yeah bro, I feel ya change can be tough, but there is a secret

Not every body knows this, but they should.

Because when our mind tries to tell us that we NEED to be







You can ask this one question.

Write this down if you’re taking notes at home.

Is it true?

Do you NEED to feel anything or is it just your mind trying to

Return you to a homeostasis you now recognize as sucktastic?

Stay present and stay focused on what you really want.




Jerry “change machine” Washington

P.S.You may be looking for change right now in your own life.

I would encourage you to pursue that change now.

Don’t wait until you need change, want it now.

You have the world at your finger tips and a ton of options.

One is here: Project SELFFY my private Facebook group

Where we go a little more in depth about topics just like this.

See you there. Talk soon…