Sticks And Stones…

What makes words so powerful? In just an instant, words can shape our reality. It seems words have been used throughout history to do just about everything from empowering people to enslave people. They say words are a but a paintbrush that we use to describe our reality, but I’d like to add a thought or two to that.

Words do have an effect. They’ve had an effect throughout history. They’ve been used to enslave black people in America, torture and encamp millions of Chinese, the Jews in Germany, and…I could go on, but you get my point. Words mean a lot!

So that being said. Choose your words carefully. Watch what you say and do. You don’t need proof that words have power. If they can be used to destroy millions, if not billions of lives throughout history, why can’t they be used to empower you?

Stick And stones will never have as much power as words.

Jerry “empowering you” Washington

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