Space Between…

It was the 13th night and he hadn’t eaten.

Victor was starving, but they refused to give him food. Instead, they forced him to walk back and forth through the camp, pushing him along with the butts of their guns while the rest in the concentration camp ate “food”…

Let’s talk for a moment today about the space between thoughts and actions. There are outcomes that we’re all after and today we’re gonna find out how to get them, no matter your circumstance. 

Victor Frankl was a Halocaust survivor that wrote a book named Man’s Search For Meaning. In it, he talks about the existential meaning of all existence. 

You see, brotholmew, in life, you are bound to run across resistance or obstacles. They may not be as severe or life-threatening as living in a concentration camp, but they are your issues nonetheless.

What is this space between? 

Well, it’s simply the space between what you think and what you do. 

Imagine that you are able to experience extreme bliss in everything that you do. I’m talking about everything you do, makes you happy because you are already happy with who you are and you don’t let your outside environment affect your internal environment.

The punch line here is that you can (almost) have WHATEVER you want in life. The key to that, however, is that if you are attached to the outcomes then you really can’t have whatever you want. It’s when you’re satisfied with what you already have i.e. love, respect for yourself, and appreciation for your own existence that you will find that motivation is just a matter of letting go.

Jerry “space(y)” Washington

P.S. And now for some practical advice. Besides meditation, one thing that you could do is make a list of what you appreciate in life and take inventory of them every so often. This helps you to keep in mind what’s really important in your life. Keeping in mind what’s important, is the best way to help you filter out all the other unnecessary chatter when it comes to crushing it. Talk soon…

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