Is There More I Can Do?

There are so many that feel like they have the right answers, but you know it’s kinda hard to figure out who really has the right stuff.


It’s not about having the right answers though…


I learned that the other day when I received some unwarranted criticism about my writing.  Ok maybe it wasn’t unwarranted, maybe unsolicited. 😉


But I shouldn’t even say that actually. Let’s actually start from the beginning here to get you a little caught up.


I just about shat myself the other day as I sat there looking at my stats (as many bloggers and email marketers like myself do) and saw that I my recent email had a ton more unsubscribes than I had ALL YEAR!


What the hell did I say?! What did I do? Was there some inappropriate photo (I have a few…NOT illegal) photo that I accidentally attached??


I couldn’t figure it out, so I did the only thing I knew to do…ask a question.


Turns out, that is exactly what I should do because that one question completely changed not only my email format, but led serendipitously led me to a famous speaker/minister that reiterated and reinforced that point for me.


At the end of the day…


It’s not about having all the answers. It’s impossible to have every single answer. But people will always believe they have the best way. And that’s fine. Seriously, you have every right to believe that your way is working and is going to give you the best results.


But it seems apparent and I would also have you consider that throughout history, the most legendary of sorts weren’t the ones who had all the answers.


It was the one’s who always asked questions. The one’s that really understood that there are more ways to success than ONE.


So…ummm…it’s a tough question to ask sometimes, but you gotta be honest brozilla…


Is what you you’re doing working?


It’s something that I had to ask and unfortunately, it took me until I could clearly see that what I was doing wasn’t actually working that I decided to make a change.


You can too if you like. It’s as simple as asking the right question…


Jerry “inappropriate photos” Washington


P.S. So I don’t somehow set off some secret government tap that slows down my computer performance, I would like to reiterate, I have no illegal photos on my computer. But I will go on record saying that I can neither confirm or deny the existence of movies currently in theaters on my hard drive. HAHA!


NE ways I know you’re probably curious what that question is. I know I always think of it when I read or hear something from a mentor that sparks something in my mind. I don’t have much more time to go into it here, but if you’d like, you can join my private Facebook group Project SELFFY where we are discussing these very same questions right now. Join the discussion here. Talk soon…

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