Not Enough F#@*s Given


Man I remember this client I used to have when I first started.

It was amazing how much shit he talked about other people.

I mean everyone was a target and I could only imagine what he

Would be saying about the current situation we have going on

I don’t train him anymore, for pretty obvious reasons, but I

Do remember that he (not on purpose) taught me a valuable

Lesson about shaming.

You see, my feathered friend. We all have a little bit of insecurity.

All of us. That means your mom, your friends, your idol, everyone

So that insecurity often leads us to feel a need for validation.

Stay with me here broham, because I lose people here sometimes.

That need for validation cannot and I repeat cannot be met with

Money (did I say that one?)
Sex (That one was on purpose)
Or anything external…

Ok so if there is nothing that I can GET that will make me happy

Then cuzin Jerry, is there something I can GIVE???

Yes and it’s not money…

You can actually




You know what? I shouldn’t go there because
What I’m really trying to say here is that people
Lose sight of what’s really important and when they
Can’t get validation from those aforementioned (nice word)
Material indulgences then they resort to shaming. 
The thing is that we, as I’ve said before, all have insecurities
And by pointing out someone else’s issues is really just 
Trying to find validation through some sort of weird 
Superiority complex.
I know we all do it, I almost just did
But the key is to find that little part of yourself that wants
To actually feel like every day is a 10 out of 10 and doesn’t
Feel the need to sedate or self sabotage to feel some sort of
Enjoyment out of life.
This is one of the many topics I cover in my program. 
I would like to invite you to be a part of this awesome group
Of achievers by clicking on the link below ↓↓↓
Jerry “giving a…” Washington
P.S. I don’t have currently have any “products” out. All I can
Offer you is a conversation, but that has proven to help a lot of people
I’m sure some day I’ll have to charge money for it, but right now, I feel pretty
Comfortable with my life in regards to my finances and fulfillment
Due to the love returned returned to me in different ways. ‘Preciate the 
Love and support hope to help you soon as well. Talk soon…

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