Scam Artists!

Ah man…

Oh dude…


I’ve got some fire for you today.

The title of this email might be a bit misleading however.

I recently joined a business program that shows you how to increase your earning potential.

I saw some advertisements and thought it was a good idea.


I read the reviews.


Oh man they were harsh.

Calling the owner a fake

A swindler


And the one I probably saw the most is the title of this email…scam artist.


Now this is where it gets interesting….

After reading about 20 of the reviews or comments about his program

I started to realize something

All of these comments were about the actual commercial.

None of these people had actually even tried the course.


But it got me to thinking.

I mean really thinking…


I should actually be thanking these haters.

Thanking them for dissuading all the sheep and making more room for farmers.

You see, if everyone was as gung ho about the program as I was, it would either

A) Cost way more

B) Have no room for me

C) Be obsolete by the time I heard about it


D) Wouldn’t work because everyone is doing it


So yeah, big thanks to all those haters

It boggles the mind how so many people can dismiss something valuable so easily.

It’s like literally finding a diamond in a coal mine and saying that it’s not shiny enough to take home.


It’s not hard
But so many people make it out to be.

So many people would rather hate on something than actually experiment to see if works.

You don’t know how many people tell me that CrossFit sucks

Hell, I’ve even said it.

But you know what, I tried it and well…it still sucks

But at least I tried it.

What I’m trying to say here broham, is that too many people talk about what they don’t know

It can get you into a lot of trouble, but most of the time, it just prevents you from

Learning something from someone who might know a little more about something than you do.


So take the time to experiment, don’t be afraid to succeed in something different

It’s always worth your time unless your life is already clicking on all cylinders* (by the way, Warren Buffett admits to reading 8 hours a day to learn more about investing)

Then it seems that the only way to get meaningful results in your life is to do what



The best thing for YOU.


Jerry “not a scam” Washington


*Even Warren Buffett admits that he doesn’t know it all. He’s admitted to reading 8 hours everyday to learn more about investing.


P.S. I actually did invest in the program and have started to see some returns from the first course. I really just wanted to see if it really would work. The way I see it, I’ve spent a considerable amount of money on things that rust, rot, and depreciate. One thing that never does is knowledge, so I teach the same in my program. My training is not all about getting as many reps as you can or going for the highest weight, I help people understand how each movement affects their overall activity so they are rarely injured during training or even in everyday life. With increased knowledge, we all can make better decisions for our future…something that I plan on discussing tomorrow. Till then…

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