How To Be A More Effective Runner


Here’s another fitness tip for all of you that

Are gearing up for a little outdoor running

Now that the weather is considerably more



For those of you that don’t know, I’ve won

Quite a few awards for my running and I’ve

Helped countless runners (and non runners)

Learn the basic mechanics of speed and running



I don’t want to go into too much about

My background, but let’s just say that I worked

With a certain Tour Du France athlete who

Decided to take up running shortly after he

Had made the “decision” to retire.


He ran pretty good and so did the 40+ people

That trained with me so they could run along

Side him –or at least try to– During our 8k

Race through Fairmount Park some years back.

Many saw improvements, but the feedback I

Heard the most after the race as well as during

Training was how much it DIDN’T hurt to run.


You see, like I said before, even though

Some of them had just run their first race

I (and a few associates) helped them to learn

How to run almost any distance virtually pain-free

Want to know how?


Ok here you go speedy Gonzalez


1. Balance – I’ve seen so many people that have absolutely zero

Balance try to just start with long runs to get their cardio up.

Seriously, I can’t even tell you how much of a no-no that is.

I don’t want to go into it too much because we’d be here all day.

I just want you to consider this: every time you run, you are

Balancing on one foot, if you can’t stand on one foot for more than

30 seconds without falling, you shouldn’t be running


2. Core – It actually goes hand in hand with balance, but

Having a strong core can help you last longer, because the

You will be less likely to sway back and forth (energy waster)

When you sway back and forth it burns more energy to run

The same distance as someone who is not.


Honestly, a weak core can wreak havoc on your hips and

Lower back as your runs get longer. If you want to run far

You better be able to at least hold a 60 second plank and

Execute 50 crunches without stopping.


Last, but most certainly not least…


3. Strength –  I can’t even tell you how important this is

So many runners tell me that they don’t like to do anything

Other than run, because they feel it takes away from their runs.


You know what takes away from your runs? Too much running

If you don’t have the strength to keep your body upright for the

Distance you plan to run, then the cardio that you were hoping

To gain from said run is, for all intents and purposes, negated.


You need to be strong and I’m not talking Arnold Schwarzenegger

Just strong enough to be able to lift your body weight.

A good test of that is if you can stand up from a chair at hip level

With one leg or be able to do at least 10 push-ups. A pull-up would

Be a bonus, but is not all that necessary.


So there you go bro runner.

You are now on your way to being a better runner

Lace those shoes up and get started on those 3 simple rules today.


Jerry “roadmaster” Washington


P.S. Those are the absolute basics.

Of course there are like at least 20 more points I could

Rattle off for you, but I’d rather go over those in person.


If you are truly interested in improving your running

Then I would like you to consider contacting me today

To get started on a legitimate training program that will

Literally have you running pain free in weeks. Talk soon…








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