They’re Coming…

Remember when the roomba came out?

Everyone was so excited that we finally created

A robot that could automatically sense dirt and

Entertain our cats (and maybe us a little too) for hours on end

Amazing right?


Not so amazing when that cute little cat Uber starts

Taking your job.


Uhhh say what? Yeah broham, as in you replaced

By a vacuum!


What is cuzin Jerry talking about here?

” I’m great at my job,” you say.

Well unfortunately broham, it’s all about efficiency

And if an employer can find someone to do what you do

For a much cheaper price then dagnabbit, you’re job’s in trouble.


Think I’m joking?

Oxford University (yeah, THAT Oxford)

Just completed  research that says that you, along with

47% of the U.S. population are at risk of having their job taken

By a robot permanently within the next 20 years.

You want fries with that?

Actually that’s one of the jobs that will be taken.

Others include:

Middle management
Insurance salesmen
Accountants and

If you are one of those people, I suggest you read on…

The thing is, that this is exactly one of the reasons I started this

Whole General Fitness Program thing.

You see, I understand the value of fitness, but I understand even more

The importance of living a well balance life that sees you improving

Not just your fitness, but your finances, fun, and fulfillment.

It’s my vision to help people like you live a more rounded life

Because I want to see a world where people are doing more than

Accepting what’s given to them. Rather, I would like people to

Do what the masters of history have done and create what they want.

It sounds new agey, but I have to tell you brozilla, we’re living it.

We’re in a new age.

Robots are taking our jobs and the only way that we as a planet can

Continue to grow is to well…continue to grow as individuals.

Jerry “growing in the right places” Washington


P.S. I don’t have a ton to offer you except a conversation and a peak

Into how I’ve helped people just like yourself go from lost or curious

To walking a consistent and confident path to success.

I know you are looking for a way and I’m willing to help you personally

Just click this link to contact me right now. Talk soon…

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