Patiently Impatient (How To Win Even If You’re Losing)

Winning in life isn’t exactly easy, yet everyone believes they can do it. Most people, when they see an opportunity to get ahead in life, take it to the extreme and unfortunately cost themselves in the long run.

It’s tough, especially when you look around and see all these people that seem to be winning. 

Well, I’ve got something for you to consider. A lot of people out there that seem to be winning are actually only winning short-term. 

They may have a lot of fancy toys, but life is long and many of the people that are playing this game to show off and look good now, might not be looking so hot 5, 10, 15 years from now. 

Life is long and not everyone deserves to win so the best thing you can do if you know your intentions are good, is to be patient.

Patience these days is so underrated, yet it’s literally how every successful person came to be. 

Edison had 10,000 tries at the light bulb
Colonel Sanders didn’t start KFC until his mid 60’s
Jeff Bezos (the founder of Amazon) didn’t start till his late 30’s

There are examples all throughout history of people that patiently made their moves until it was time to take their company to the next level and start really winning. 

I would encourage you to think about where you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years and start to make moves now to get there. Winning is cool, but it’s even cooler to try to patiently build an empire so you can be an all-time grea.

Jerry “twiddling thumbs” Washington

P.S. Speaking of patience, sometimes it’s good to be patiently impatient. What I mean by that it’s good to always be doing something while working on your big dreams. My dream is to have a fitness studio that is legitimately one of the best and I’m going to do that by hosting the best talent in my doors. 

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