OH F#@*

Ok we’re kinda back. (again)


Had a bid of an emotional set back with the loss of my furry friend


But alas soldier, for Frankie, I will…Forge ON!



On with the show…



So you may be wondering what the (in)appropriateness of this title is all about.


People have been asking me how I’m doing a lot over the past 24 hours


So I want to, in return, ask you how you are doing?



You know the reason why I started my company is because it’s my mission to


Help people get what they want in life (within reason)


I write these emails because I’ve seen the numbers


And over a 1/3 of Americans are reported to be depressed.


That’s over 100 million people



People all over the country are trying to get what they want, but before I go on


I want you to think about what you want.


Really think about it for a second.


Got it?


Good…BTW I don’t want a canned response like the new years


Resolution that you swear to your friends that you’ll keep this year.



NE hoo, so now you are thinking about what you want


If you already have it, then stop reading. If not, listen up.



People say that they are ready to get what they want.


And in this day and age, it’s pretty simple.


I mean there have probably been millions of books written about it


There are videos all over Youtube telling you how to get what you want


There are even blogs where you could follow someone’s


Progress so that you can replicate their exact path to success



So why is it there are so many people that don’t have what they want?



Well broham, it’s because of that F-bomb in the title.


No, not the word fuck…


Let’s huddle up here for a second Bro Montana and talk about this.



People are living paycheck to paycheck


Lugging around 40 extra pounds


Can’t seem to have lasting relationships


And are addicted to everything under the sun…


Yet when you ask them how they are doing, they have no problem


Telling you that they’re fine.



Now I understand that you may not want to go around telling the world


You’re awesome or you’re terrible, that’s not issue here.


The problem is that many people like you say it to themselves.


They tell themselves they are fine when it’s clearly not the case.



The problem with telling yourself that your “fine” is that you’ve


Convinced yourself that you are fine not having what you want.


You’ve subconsciously stripped yourself of any motivation to go get it


Because you tell yourself that you’re “fine” where you are



Well what’s the truth?


The truth is that you say you’re fine when you’ve simply given up.


When you say oh “I’ve been at this job for years and I’m comfortable”


Or, “I’m fine with my fitness” when you haven’t worked out in weeks.



I’m sorry bro, but you’re not fine.


You’re amazing



Did you know that the chance of life out here in this small part of this


Vast universe is 1 in 400 trillion?!?


Yeah, that’s pretty damn amazing



So how is it that you, as such an amazing phenomenon can


Get away with pressing the snooze button as your first decision of the day?


Simply put, it’s because you’re comfortable and just don’t feel like getting up.



Well I respect your time, so I’m gonna leave you here with this today.


The reason why you aren’t achieving like the amazing phenomenon that you are


Is simply because you don’t feel like it.



So tomorrow, I have a task for you (yes I know it’ll be Saturday)


I want you to wake up a half an hour earlier than you normally would


So you can physically feel what it is to face the decision between


Not feeling like it and achieving greatness.



I would have you consider that the key to success is made one decision at a time


You are an amazing being, but only you can give yourself the motivation


To go out and get what you want everyday.

I could write emails till my fingers cramp with arthritis, but that’s never gonna


Change the way you live your life until you make the intrinsic decision to change.



I want you to have what you want and I believe you can have it.


It just depends on how much you really want to be more than just





Jerry “not fine” Washington



P.S. The biggest thing that is stopping you from succeeding is you.


You have to make the decision today that


You are responsible for your own actions and therefore, your results


It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but the faster you recognize this, the faster


You can move on to get the results you desire from life.

So if you are ready to get what you want I’m here to help but nothing happens if you don’ speak up.

Email me back at info@projectselffy.com so we can chat. Talk soon…


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