Keep Going…

You know anyone that has one of those
Moms that’s always sending forwards? 
That’s my mom lol.
Mama bear is a great person, but sometimes

She gets a little too carried away

Now, I’m a bit paranoid now from all the emails

I was suppose to forward that I didn’t…


NE ways, today I want to talk to you about

Motivation or the lack of it, to be more



Motivation is easy to come by, seriously

Everyone has motivation, but what becomes

Difficult is maintaining it.
I can carrot and stick you all day and

As soon as I take that carrot away,

You’re back to doing the same old stuff


So the question becomes, not how 

Do you get motivated? But

How do you stay motivated?


Well young grasshopper, to learn the answer

You have to first ask yourself, “why”


You see, the who, what, or how can get you lost.

Those are very fluid and can change in an instant

Leaving you blowing in the wind waiting for the

Next gust of opportunity to show up.


But when you know why then the world opens up

Your world opens up, because now it doesn’t become

Simply a matter of if the conditions are right.


It’s time to create a firm concept of “why” so you

Have the ability to MAKE the conditions right, because you

Will recognize the opportunity in every moment.

There is an opportunity to be seized every moment it’s

Really a matter if your reason for doing what you’re doing

Is strong enough.


I could go a lot more into this, but I want to leave you with

This for the day:

When you know WHY; how, what, and when become irrelevant

What truly creates AND sustains motivation is the strength of your

Reasoning to be motivated in the first place.


Jerry “why” Washington


P.S. If you want to chat more about motivation, I would encourage

You to continue the discussion with me and some highly motivated

People here in my free private Facebook group Project SELFFY.

Talk soon…























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