Dude, Where IS It?

Wow what a weekend. I was up in RI this Friday through Sunday and man what an experience.

I was at Autumn Fest. A Rhode Island Festival of rides, games and music.

Hanging out with the family was fun, but unfortunately time marches on and I had to say my goodbyes and hit the Rhode (see what I did there?)

Anywho, before I made my journey back to Philly I made a quick pit stop in southern RI to hang with one of my fellow ninjas buddies

We had good times reminiscing about the show. We talked training strategy and cleaned up my technique on a few movements. It was a productive visit.

When I left, I noticed my wallet was gone.

Not gonna lie bruh.

I panicked

I thought I would have to move to Rhode Island with Frankie and the two bags I had packed.

So I took a deep breath and did what I do best.

Got creative…

Well not really. I just called my dad and calmly explained what happened.

I have to admit, I was suspicious of everyone that even looked at me funny on the way back. I felt that everyone probably knew the whereabouts of my wallet, but then I had to think.

Maybe this is something that might have happened for a reason.

You know when you just have that feeling? I bet you’ve gotten it at least once.

Yah you know what I’m talking about.

I like to call those spiritual psychic phenomenons

Actually I just made that up, but sounds legit right?

It’s where something seemingly bad happens, but something good comes from it.

Like for me in this instance, I lost my wallet, but what I gained was priceless.

I drove back to see my father to borrow a few bucks and head back out, but when I walked in the door the smell of soul food had me thinking otherwise.

I ended up eating some good ole fashioned pulled pork with Mac and cheese, greens, hamhocks, and cornbread.



I watched the Patriots put a whopping down on the Cowboys. (America’s team, my ass)

I tell you sometimes it pays to have a positive outlook no matter the situation.

The only way you can develop the fortitude, however is though practice.

Short of constantly creating mini catastrophic scenarios for you to conquer, exercise is probably the best way to accomplish that.

An even better way? With a group of dedicated and supportive people (and me, of course) encouraging you so that you want to do better.

As I said before, time marches on and we will all, at some time face obstacles.

Whether its a few very big ones, or over a million small ones, it doesn’t matter.

You learn in the General Fitness Company that it really isn’t about the size or the number of obstacles

You learn how to develop the faith to get over them

Then sometimes you just get lucky like I did.

Feeling Lucky?:


Jerry “Walletless” Washington

P.S. Everything does happen for a reason. We don’t have hard hits in football like we used to because of the hit in the link below. While, it may have seemed bad for the guy (Massaquoi) getting hit, it actually was a blessing. He now apparently is a successful businessman. Check out the hit that, ehem, launched his career away from head detaching hits:


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