Let Me Show You The Truth

Bro, seriously, tell me how many times you’ve heard that in your life.
Like a bajillion right??
I have to say that personally, I cringe when someone says that
Because I happen to know like most other intelligent human beings
That the truth is elusive at best and unknowable at worst.
The thing is that right now, we aren’t privy to the truth.
Let me show what I mean (see what I did there?)
Imagine you’re in a dark room…
When you’re in that room, you can’t see anything.

The world is a mystery.
If someone bumps you, it elicits fear which often
Leads to anger, war, and the creation of boundaries.
But what happens when someone pulls out their cell phone?
They all of a sudden have the ability to see, but not only that
The others around can see a little better and almost as well  
Because of that one dim light.
It’s light or better yet, enlightenment that will create change.
What if we ALL had that light of love to show us that
Although we may all have our differences of 
Color, belief, and location, we are all in the same room together?
We aren’t there yet however, we’re still in the dark.
Still bumping into each other, still drawing boundaries
Building walls, and building empires.
But what we aren’t doing as much is building ourselves up.
To often, you see that many are quick to criticize what others are doing
And aren’t first looking within for what they can change about their
Mindset and current path.
Because if those people that criticize and fight were on the path
That led towards spiritual freedom and liberty, their light of love would
Shine so bright that it would overcome the darkness that is ignorance.
We’re all walking our own path, but sometimes people lose their way.
I’ve experienced pain from losing my way and I’m not claiming that I have
All the answers, but I can share with you what I’ve learned through my 
Experience and what the experience of some of the greats has taught me
Throughout the years. 
If you would like to have a conversation about how you can start to shed
Your light in the darkness that may be surrounding you, I would encourage
You to click the link below to join my private Facebook group.
Jerry “illuminating darkness” Washington
P.S. I want you to think about how you can be a light for others. It is one thing for me
To talk about being a light, but light doesn’t talk about doing what it does.
Light does not do, it is. Reminds me of one of my favorite sayings
Don’t talk about it, be about it…shedding you light that is.
Talk soon…

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