Loose Control

Video taken at Philadelphia Runner store in Manayunk where they offer free-gait analysis

Was running the other day and I thought of how much actually goes into it. One thing that people overlook is their hands. Now you might be thinking that we’re heading into a convo about running form, but that’s not the case today. Today, I want us to talk about something even more profound. Control.

You see, broham there are a lot of similarities between running and life. Today we’ll talk about why control is so important but at the same time, we’ll talk about why your control needs to be controlled

The thing that I realized when I was running that day is that as I was running I realized that I had my hands tensed into a ball. While it may have made me feel like I was pumping harder (which I was) it was also making me tighten up my whole body. My strides were shorter and I was getting tired.

Loose Life

The same goes in life. The more you try to control, the harder it is to move forward. I’m not saying that everything in life should be willy nilly, but you might want to consider that a lot of things in life are not in your control. You can’t control how hot it is, you can’t control if there’s debris on the pavement, but what you can control are the systems you put into place so that you don’t have to micromanage everything in your life.

Control is important. Without it, everything eventually would turn to chaos. However, if you want to get ahead in life, sometimes you just gotta lighten up and let the universe take you where it will.

Jerry “I got this” Washington

P.S. Okay, I can’t resist. I have to give you a quick running tip. When running, don’t tighten up your hands. You want to imagine that you’re holding a bunch of grapes that you don’t want to squish. Put your thumb on your index finger on the joint near your fingernail and pump your arms behind your hips and up towards your chest about a foot in front of your body. When you run like this, your body will relax and your strides will elongate which helps you cover more ground with less effort. Next month, I will be talking about this and going over much more in my new TRX RUN sessions. If you’re interested in learning how to run PAIN-FREE, reply with an email. You can register for my trial sessions FREE until August 1st…Talk soon!

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