Well chum let me tell you something…maybe a few somethings…

First, let me open with Ashley Madison. Now, don’t raise your hand if you know who that is, because it might be damming.

Not my world but here’s a summary of what I found when I was looking at the news for the day.

All the names of the members of this cheating site were released to the public by hackers.


Man I hate cheating, I would never do it and for sure wouldn’t want it done to me.

You see care bear, I’m not perfect, but in the past I did some things I am none too proud of. I’d like to think that recently my new devotion to living a cleaner (less fast food and other body/mind altering substances) life has recently given me more clarity and understanding in many aspects of my life.

For me, the thing that was really getting to me was a lie that I was telling myself everyday.

I’m ok.

You see broham, many of us tell ourselves that same thing.

Then we drink to forget our pain, smoke to give us a quick boost, and then say we’re too tired to workout to reduce those very things that are making us want to do the aforementioned (triple word score) activities.

I get it broseph.

Life is fucking hard

Oh boy do I get it.
But you lying to yourself don’t make it any easier.

Since I got honest with myself, my relationships with everyone are more open and I don’t even have to mention how much better they are with the lovely Marisa.

Honesty really is the best policy and the General Fitness Company can help you find your truth.

Jerry “No Bullshit” Washington

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