Taking My Talents To New England

So I decided to take my talents to New England. No not permanently, just for the weekend.

Since the death of my grandfather, I decided that I needed to spend a little more time with my family.

But you know as well as I do that it’s tough to find that balance between work, family, and fulfillment.

So sometimes you just have to suck it up and make road trips.

I get the feeling that I might be doing it wrong though…

Picture this:

Imagine that you’re in a forest cutting down trees. Your boss wants oak trees, but the saw you have is for cedar trees.

You already cut down a ton of cedar

But they need oak.

And now they want you to build a bridge with the oak, but you still only have that damn saw.

You can only be so effective until some where you have to find better/more tools, delegate the work you have, or just give it up all together.

That’s why it’s important to continue your journey in living the good life.

If not for the sake of yourself, but for humanity so that we can learn and grow from your

Experiences and how you overcame what you did.

Pretty cool right?

People helping people find the right tools so that we can all succeed as a whole.

I think someone should start a conversation or something about this…

Oh wait I already have.

If you have Facebook, (and I know you do) join the conversation in my private

Facebook group where we discuss and solve many of the issues that affect the

Everyday professional. Click here

Jerry “clam chowdah” Washington

P.S. At the General Fitness Company it’s important to have the right tools for success.

You see most people go to the gym or  workout with someone else’s goal in mind.

They search online for workouts for their abs, because their belly is too big.

Ask a trainer with a nice butt how they got it that way.

Or they end up asking the body builder how they can get the most mass on their biceps.

I get it and frankly my friend, I have to applaud your attempts at improving your life through exercise.

The thing is though that those exercises were not designed for you, nor will the program you are following take into account any personal injuries/limitations that you may incur or already have.

If you want to cut those oak trees with an oak saw, then you’ll have to either become a fitness pro/expert, which takes longer than you might imagine or find a quality fitness pro to design those workouts for you.

I’ve designed and catered this program to meet each individual’s specific needs for over a decade.

You see too often we try to do too much, when in reality we are doing a ton of nothing or next to nothing.

Why not let a professional step in and  handle one aspect, dare I say, the most important aspect of your life.

Your fitness

Handle your business.

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