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IG, Flakebook, Twatter, and all the other social media make a big deal about things that are really so very trivial. I am reminded of a story that hit the media by storm awhile back about a certain lion named Cecil.

Now, don’t get me wrong dude, but I feel some type of way that while the leading cause of death for the average American is heart disease, the whole world is more outraged about a lion with a name that sounds like that of a cartoon character turtle.

I think I might lose a few people here, but if I lost you, I probably never had you.

You see broham, what concerns me is that we spend twice as much time mourning the loss of a lion when there are inspiring stories all over the world that pretty much get glossed over in favor of the next “disturbing” tragedy.

We’re a culture addicted to bad news. And we can’t get out of that vicious loop.

We don’t have anyone to count on to give us inspiration,

A reason to want to do better,

To give us faith in ourselves or humanity.

Well care bear, I’m not claiming to be full of sunshine and rainbows, but I know a real place that is not only uplifting, but inspires you to be the person you can be.

It’s called The General Fitness Company and we meet everyday to share our stories of hope and positive change. Not to mention, that we also have the most awesome training in the area.

So while everyone is walking around depressed, looking for answers and hoping to see at least a glimmer of positive change in the world, we’re over here making that change and lifting each other up to excel past any standard that you or any other trainer can give you.

You want results right?

You want to get the best that your money can buy right?

Tired of working out alone or with an uninspiring trainer?

One answer for you buddy:

Jerry “genuine postivity” Washington

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