Keeping The Best Company

Life is full of funny paradoxes. In fact, life itself is a paradox.

We often find ourselves looking for meaning, yet, it seems that our meaning is to simply give meaning to our lives.

Although it may sound simple, it has led countless people throughout history to define and redefine happiness.

You see, when people feel like they’re content in a certain space (notice I said content and not happy) they tend to inaccurately believe that they are will be able to stay there without much effort.

The most prevalent example of this is the fact that 80% of Americans are reported to have read less than 20 books a decade after they graduate from school.

In short, people aren’t learning and therefore, aren’t growing.

But there is a very simple way around this. Find a mentor or teacher to help you grow. They say you’re an average of the 5 people that spend the most time with you. That’s not necessarily true, however. You’re the average of the ideas of those 5 people.

So do yourself a favor and keep only the highest quality of people around you. Whether it be books or real-life people, you’ll always find that your life is better when you keep good company.

Jerry “steady growing” Washington

P.S. Speaking of good company. This guy is magical. Not like David Blaine magical I mean like enchanted magical and he’ll captivate you. Sometimes it’s also good to have someone in your life that’s fun and lives a life without stress. Click the link to make your heart feel all warm and fuzzy Childhood remembered Talk soon!

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