Just Do (It)

Remember when you were younger and you weren’t afraid of anything?
What happened to that?
I’ll tell you what happened…
Disappointment, failure, and Mrs. Kravitz from third grade 
Always getting on your case. 
Mrs. Kravitz gave you an “Unsatisfactory” on your report cards
And now you cringe at any and every prospect of failure.
It’s now firmly placed you into a rut in your adulthood and for some reason
That rut has now become comfortable 
It almost seems like any other way would be too difficult or simply not worth it.
Fuck that though. You need to wake up! 
There’s love all around you and there is more help for you out there
Then you could ever dream to imagine…

You see, love is more than just a word.

It’s a force.

Whether you believe it or not, you were born from love.

Love is how you you were created and how you continue to exist.

I would have you consider that the only thing between

You and your goals is more love.

Love for yourself, love for the life that you currently have

And most of all, love for the journey that you’re on.

It’s about YOU accepting yourself and your journey, despite the

Screw ups
Disempowering relationships
and Losses

Believe me broham, we all have them, but the only way to grow is to dream

and just do (it) ← ← ← See what I did there.

Jerry “doing it” Washington

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