Judgement Free…No…

I know that I am not a marketing king,
But I do my best stay in contact with those that
I know are good at it
And rule # 5329 of marketing anything is not to judge

You see broseph since I started in this fitness world
I thought it would be easy
I mean think about it
Almost 70 percent of the population is overweight
And almost half are obese (50lbs or more overweight)
So with about 50 million of the
U.S. population needing my help
It’s like shooting fish in a barrel right?

You and I both know that that’s bullshit. If that were true
You wouldn’t be searching for answers on how to lose that last 5 pounds

C’mon if we all made logical choices all the time
I would have been a multi-millionaire a long time ago
For being such an awesome trainer

It just doesn’t work like that

If you are overweight, the most logical thing is to eat right
And exercise
But that’s not your thing is it?
I know when I was overweight it wasn’t….

The point here is tinkle bear, that although
The logical choice may be clear
Our emotions often get the best of us
And make us do seemingly illogical things

And I will tell you as I tell all my clients
That if you want change
You can’t just preach it,
You have to live it
Either surround yourself with those you wish to help
And come from a place of true understanding
Or be an example by showing them that your life is
Happy the way you are

Either way, you’re not coming from a place of
Judgement which you and I both know never persuades anyone
So that being said…

If you’re happy where you are
Show it to the world
If not, then hang out with some of the happiest
People I know

And the Lord said Liiiiiinnnnnkkkkkk: http://generalfitnesscompany.com/

Jerry “I’m not judging” Washington

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