It’s TOO Big

Get your mind outta the gutter I’m talking about

Your muscles here…


Working out is great, but wouldn’t it be cool

 To get a tip on how to get strong from a (not so)

 Overly buff, former world champion powerlifter?

 Yeah, as you may or may not know, I won the

World champion in the power curl a few years back.

So I’ve got a tip for you on how to increase your 

Bicep strength without making you look like 


Arms are the only thing you train…

As many people already know, if you wanna

Build your biceps, you do curls.


But this awesome way of curling is a nice variation

That helped me build a lot of strength without

Overloading the muscle so much that it starts to bulk.

There’s more science to this, but this isn’t

A scientific journal.


So this magic trick…what is it???

In a word, negatives…


To do it with a curl is to curl up fast

And let it down as slowly as you can.

You’ll see that after 5 reps of going down

5 seconds at a time, you’re arms’ll be spent!

I had planned to write more about this

But I’m outta time.


If you’d like to chat more about this

Leave a comment below.


Jerry “(not a) musclehead” Washington


P.S. If you’re lookin for a little motivation 

A few tips and hints on how to discover 

That inner flame that burns with desire

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