It’s Not About Pushups

I’ve said this since day one. I’m not selling exercise plans. Never have, never will. You see, to me, this is about waaaaaaaaa (is this enough “a’s”?) aaay more than exercise.

I’m not going to go into any rants today, but I will say the following. Exercise is stupid. Uh huh, I said it. It’s stupid.

Now don’t go getting your knickers all in a bunch homeslice, let me explain. Logically, you’re putting yourself into an uncomfortable situation for upwards of 90 minutes on a consistent basis. You sweat, you cry (only me?), you wonder why you do it, all for what? Not to be fat? People shouldn’t judge you anyway. You’re supposed to be happy with your body anyway…aren’t you?

Well, Ima put it to ya straight Bro Namath, it’s all about happiness. Sometimes, however, I feel like people can get that confused with laziness. But I could be wrong. Look, I’m not here to make you feel bad or shame you into doing anything against your will. At the end of the day, it’s your call and I can’t judge happiness for you.

But what I can tell you is that I have a somewhat unique gift that helps others find abundance in their own lives when they are around me. It is because I understand that you don’t come to me to do burpees till you puke. I’m not like those other trainers that will punish you for showing up, asking for help and trying. People have come to me time and time again to find light and hope in their situation. Not pain and torture.

Please don’t take this as me saying that I’m some sort of blessed being that grants everyone happiness upon demand. What I’m meaning to say here is that everyone deserves to be happy. There are plenty of ways of getting to that state of happiness. Those people that have worked with me and found happiness, discovered it because they wanted to find it within themselves.

Exercise just so happens to be the vehicle that I use to help get them there.

Jerry “copilot” Washington

P.S. I’ve got something special for you that I’ve been working on. If a program came out that made you spend thousands of dollars on mentors, seminars, and books you probably wouldn’t be into it. So I did it for you. There’s going to be an online program coming out soon and I need your help. I don’t want to overwhelm you a bunch of information that you won’t use, so I’m asking for your input on what you want from this new program. Check out this link to add your two cents. Talk soon…

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