Inside The Mind of A Killer…

So the other day I was watching a movie called

The Cell

It was a movie where Jennifer Lopez is this psychologist

That goes into this killer’s minds with some

Brain wave machine thing

Anywho, in the movie Jennifer goes into this this guy’s mind

To try to find the body of his last victim and in it

She finds some pretty twisted stuff

She gets chased around by some wild creatures

And for a while is stuck in the killer’s mind

Ok, the point of this is that she

Solved the case, but had to first go about

Facing some of her own fears in the strange world that was his

Extremely twisted and abstract mind

I know we all have had to face some fears

You ever have something that you’ve been meaning to get around to

And you just never do, even though it seems like such a good idea,

But then when you think about it more you start to either doubt that you can do it

Or just ignore it altogether

I mean I’ve done it,

I’ve got Internet bookmarks I’ve been meaning to

Get around to

Educational videos I keep telling myself I’m gonna watch

But never do

Dude! We all have our to-do list.

We all have our piles

I get it

But you know what cupcake

If you want to stop being a whiney puss

I’ve got a valuable life hack for you here


You gotta do something,


No point in going on scared that you’ll fail

You don’t just dream up your future and it happens

You gotta put work into that shit bruh!

And good work too

I started this awhile ago and we’re consistent in our growth

Again because of successful driven members

That recognize


Speak louder than any email I could ever write.

Here’s a word from one member:

“ Jerry, is very encouraging and tailors programs to each person fitness levels. The group is very encouraging and fun to work with. I would definitely recommend.”
-Sandy C.

Ready to face your fear?

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Jerry “I’ll check that bookmark later” Washington

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