If Not Now, When?

As there become more and more available options for us to do our every day tasks a little better, faster, and with more ease, the opportunity for you to succeed increases. Just think about the earliest cavemen. They couldn’t really communicate or innovate.

So you aren’t a caveman, so what’s stopping you from being a success in your own right.

In fact, I would have you consider that you have NO RIGHT to simply rest on your laurels. There are people in the world that no way near the opportunities you have/had. You have (hopefully) parents that love you. You could afford a higher education while many others can’t even afford to get a high school education because they have to help their family survive.

I’m not here to shame, you into anything here, I just believe that there are a lot of people that are so wrapped up in why they CAN’T do something that they often forget how blessed they are to even be alive on this earth.

So you want to reach your goals right? You don’t have to hunt your food right? Got electricity? Maybe you even have a few friends with some work ethic…well then get out there! If not now, when? If not you, then who?

All it takes it for you to realize that you are blessed with an opportunity…nay an OBLIGATION to succeed and make this world a better place so that all of us can benefit from each other’s efforts.

Jerry “When? Now. Who? Me” Washington

P.S. I believe in you, but that means nothing if you don’t believe in yourself. I can’t make you believe in yourself, however, I have a daily email that you are welcome to subscribe to. Many people say they start their morning off with a coffee and one of my emails and they feel ready to conquer the the day. If you want in, simply click here: GFC inner circle. Talk soon…

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